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  1. kersh's Avatar
    what about the mounties 2 night as champ before losing to piper at rumble 92
  2. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Good list you made here. I would like to add an honorable mention. Santino's run with the title where he had the hony tonk counter. I know his run wasn't memorable for the matches, but it had a good entertainment value.
  3. The Hipster's Avatar
    It's a good list, some great former champions. However, I think you forgot some. Tito Santana's second reging ; starting with his win over Greg Valentine in a cage. Also, there is The Hammer, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect and Razmon. Great list though.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Hard to pick the first 5 because you had a ton of matches and a small amount of time. WM 2, I'd go with Piper/Mr.T boxing match. It wasn't the greatest match by any means, but it had one of my favorite moments in the history of Wrestlemania. Piper slamming Mr.T instead of allowing him to beat him clean. Fans were chanting for the Hot Rod.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    That triple threat match was too short to even be proclaimed the best match for Wrestlemania 22. I think one of the two hardcore matches would be a good selection or HHH vs Cena.
  6. Paul's Avatar
    Great Job, Could not agree more.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    No chance that the elimination match makes this when two other matches on the show were by far stole the show. Both were triple threat matches by the way. Triangle ladder match for the tag titles was on the line. How can you possibly believe that Wrestlemania 17 Ladder match was the best on the show? Must be a huge Rhino fan or something because that ladder match sucked in comparison. Rhino, Lita, and Spike made the match really terrible. Other than the Jeff Hardy spear.....the rest of the match sucked. Angle vs Benoit stole the show that night. It is foolish for anyone to believe otherwise. Like Undertaker vs HHH was any good or that the TLC was better.

    As far as the WM 16 that I got off track from. Jericho vs Benoit vs Angle was a great match as well.

    WM19 goes to Jericho vs HBK

    The rest is alright with me.

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