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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    I'll reserve my thoughts to see the remainder of your top 30. So far not bad
  2. Bagg's Avatar
    Im sorry, im not following, is this a list of the 30 current best finishers? cuz if its of all time, youve got some tapes to watch. Cuz if ZigZag and a punch are on an all time list, yikes.
  3. WCW4Life's Avatar
    Number one is obviously the infamous Hogan Leg Drop!!
  4. Joonny's Avatar
    I hope the Canadian Destroyer is on the list.
    it may look fake, but it is just awesome to look at.
  5. ParagonOfVirtue's Avatar
    No way you can call Zig Zag a legsweep when legs aren't involved. It's nothing more than a jumping neckbreaker.
  6. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    Nice subject for a blog, looking forward to the other 25!

    That being said, I understand the "finisher" is a staple of professional wrestling, but to me it always made it a bit unrealistic, like a video game. I mean, you can hammer away at a guy for hours with fists, knees, chairs, sledgehammers etc, and he still gets up every time, but you pull a simple move like a Spear or RKO and the guy is out cold. Right...

    Still, doesn't mean I enjoy them if they are somewhat legit. Meaning, they can use them to finish every oponent in a realistic way. I would love it if a wrestler has several finishing moves, it would make things more versitile and more interesting. For instance, CM Punk has the Go To Sleep, but it's a move that can't be done properly on real heavy guys like Big Show and Mark Henry. The GTS looks downright fake on bigger guys, the knee hardly connects. To me, that makes his finisher invalid, since he can't use his finisher to finish of every wrestler. For heavier guys, he would need another. I understand he also has a submission move, Anaconda Vice, but still...

    Very excited to see what your nr. 1 will be!
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  7. Amerinaine's Avatar
    I kinda hope to see Widow's Peak on here. That maneuver was so brutal, Victoria had to ask permission to use it. WWE did call it a risky move as it could injure the neck area even if done properly. Her opponent felt safe in the maneuver, and she never botched it. It still scared some of the Diva's to take that bump.
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