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    I enjoyed reading it.
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    I am tired of them always opening shows with talking. They need to do what they did back in the old days, open the show with an awesome match to get everyone pumped and then do their talking points.

    If it is true that they are bringing back old talent they should start the show with an old guys team like the New Age Outlaws or even a newer team such as the Usos vs Kofi + Whoever they have as his partner now or Sin Cara vs Kofi(guys that can put on an entertaining match. Give them a good 10 minutes, then start the whole mcmahon/ace thing.
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    -Damn that's a long blog
    -From what I'm reading in the reports ADR probably won't be wrestling for awhile...
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    Edge's spear wasnt even on par with Goldberg or Rhino's spear. The only saving grace for Edge's spear was his long hair whipping back, helping to sell the impact. That was it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by body slam
    I'll have to give you a grade of a F for missing one of the most popular finisher if not the most popular finishers in wrestling history. The finisher that was so over it got called for and chatted by sell out crowds all over the wrestling world.

    I couldnt agree more. Jake Roberts DDT should be #1 and by a mile. Often imitated, but never replicated... the Jake DDT is / was the greatest finisher ever. DDT, DDT, DDT, DDT, DDT! <chanting>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross
    Yeah man. That sweet chin music and spear are sure used today on a regular basis. I mean whens the last time we have seen those finishers. (Sarcasm)
    Edge is my favorite WRESTLER of all time so I don't count Christian Spears as Spears (same goes for Big Show Spears) so last successful spear was in 2011. Point to you.

    However, the last sweet chin Music was quite recently, at Wrestlemania 28.
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    Wow I love how you guys go on and on makes for a good laugh
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