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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    "everyone knew that Rock would beat Cena" I'm sure everyone thought Cena was going to win.
  2. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    you guys are missing something, when Big Show was attacking he just stood here did nothing, not acting like a "honorable man" so they made the fans piss, you heard the boos, Punk is great either face or heel
  3. cjstonecold's Avatar
    Do you really believe that CM Punk turned heel????? It didn't seem to me like he did. He has been his own man and just because he truned on THE ROCK 9 (God forbid) and is saying what most wrestling fans have been saying. I do like the Rock but to have him in the title hunt with being gone most of the year is disgusting. As far as the match with Cena, and I am a huge Cena mark, he did what he had to do. Tell me that any wrestler would not take that chance to keep his WWE title. Using kane as an example, was he really a heel? The cheers where still pouring in while he was "heel." Dolph Ziggler is a "heel' but he gets cheered more and more. Once wrestlers gain that respect from fans, then they will always be face. It's half and half for every wwe superstar nowadays.
  4. bartish2's Avatar
    1 little incident and everyones saying hes heel hilarious and just after they bitched about him for a year. cue the bandwagonriders.
  5. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    I think they are going Lesnar to win because what is the point on bring him and to lost two matches in a row
  6. TheGreatBlueski's Avatar
    I think the CW title will be back sooner rather than later what with the new Cruiserweight project the 'E are working on (if the plans aren't ultimately scrapped for that)... hopefully PAC will be in the tournament to crown the new CW champion too!!!
  7. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by John Lonce
    I do see Rock/Cena II for the belt at Wrestlemania. Y2J beating Ziggler is stupid. Dolph deserves to go over and get the continued push, plus Y2J has nothing booked after Summerslam because Fozzy is going on tour on the 'Uproar Festival'. Cena should not win the title until Wrestlemania (and even then I don't want him to win it because I hate him).
    My thoughts exactly.
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