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  1. Great One's Avatar
    I don't think some of the major names will be in a tag team match and also it says 6 man tag match when there are 8 wrestlers in the match
  2. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    I would have kept Punk face until RR. Then at RR if Rock does win, have Punk shake his hand and then drop him with the GTS. Even if Punk does keep the title, Punk can still drop Rock with the GTS as a statement that he is the best.
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    So Dolph not only faced him the past couple of ppvs and SD shows, but you want him to continue to fued with Sheamus up to Wrestlemania? Should just have him defend the championship in the Chamber as well. Why Cody Rhodes isn't in the Chamber is alarming to me as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderlips
    I missed the conditions page where it states that you cant blog about what ever you want. Bit excited early yes worth bagging out no.
    Right, there is no condition pages as to what you can or can't blog about, but of course you know this because of your sarcasm in the question. Akbar has a point though. It would be like someone doing a blog on what they expect to see in WWE 14 or what we will get at next years Summerslam in 2013. Both the Rumble and Mania are so far away, that these predictions could EASILY be wrong, depending on injuries and such. Plus in that matter, aren't the more interesting things to talk about besides what may or may not happen, 6+ months away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    -A bit early for these kind of blogs... surely it would've made more sense to upload near RR, we've got like 6 more months to wait
    I missed the conditions page where it states that you cant blog about what ever you want. Bit excited early yes worth bagging out no.
  6. Dovakin's Avatar
    I agree with the scenario I just hope if The Rock wins they keep someone else in the mix other than JUST Cena. That would be cool.
  7. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    I agree with The Rock vs CM Punk (c) with Rock coming out champion. Only because WWE wants a Rock vs Cena II at WM29 (I hope it does not happen, but I'm sure it will). Would be funny if Cena comes out and turns heel by screwing over The Rock at the RR costing him the belt, but that's never going to happen.
    I see Sheamus (c) vs Orton vs Alberto Del Rio at RR and Dolph Ziggler cashing in MITB after the match and taking the title at that point. I don't see him doing it before then.
    For some reason I don't see John Cena winning the RR, just because no matter what he will main event WM29, so there really is no need to have him win.
    But with WWE you never know, I'm sure soon each wrestler will wear a ear peace so they can change the out come during the match lol.
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