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  1. AJ1981's Avatar
    What about Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar? Also the tag title match isn't a triple threat it's just Kofi/Truth vs. PTP
  2. hhhistheman's Avatar
    Yiur nuts if u think CM punkl gonna fall that far down the ladder by wrestlemana.No way in hell he would be in some eight man tag match.
  3. tweedidldum's Avatar
    I wouldn't pay to watch this wrestlmania if my life depended on it
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I think these are the main events which I hope arn't going to happen. If I were WWE, I'd wait on Dolph to cash it in at Wrestlemania 29 so he can still have his match vs Zack Ryder. It can be booked on the preshow while he cashes in the MITB after the world title match. I personally would have booked Wade Barrett as champion vs Cody Rhodes as the face. Rhodes wins and doesn't leave with the world title. Ziggler does.......

    WWE title match would be the same with Rock/Cena with of course Cena winning.

    Have Lesnar vs Undertaker because Lesnar is the next top guy I'd like to see challenge Taker at Wrestlemania if not John Cena. It isn't because I'm a Cena fan or anything. Just been waiting for a Cena/Taker match since he has been on a main event level. Hasn't happened except on Raw in a joke match that ended in a DQ. Obviously Taker wins this one.

    Daniel Bryan vs Jericho would be cool as well with the fued being about hypocrites claiming the fans who chant yes will turn on him expecting he turns face soon of course.

    CM Punk vs Sheamus-Why? Who on the roster has Punk not fueded with. Especially the top faces which hopefully he will continue as a heel through WM29. Just some big matches I'd book for WM 29.
  5. The Big Shot's Avatar
    This is great. 4 matches in 3 hours. You worry people will miss CM Punk, Mysterio, and Kofi Kingston, but you left out Taker at Mania? Are these matches 60 minute matches? Triple H had to carry Rock the last time Rocky tried that route. Oh wait, Triple H isn't wrestling at Mania either.

    I just don't get it.
  6. wwe=awesome's Avatar
    3 matches? you didn't need to give that much detail to each match, like maybe a small paragraph telling why the match will happen and who you think will win, not how the match will be wrestled. i wish you would've given a full card is all i'm saying
  7. ozfan's Avatar
    Haha thank you for pointing that out. I missed that. It was originally a six man tag match but I added Barrett and Mysterio and forgot to change the name and the reason I put thos superstars in is because people might have asked "Oh where is CM Punk?" "What about Mysterio and Kofi Kingston?" etc etc
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