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  1. True Sinister's Avatar
    Cena vs Rock 1 did not live up to it's hype. I don't like the idea of rematches of matches that were not great...especially if they were recent.

    I would rather have had Bryan or Jericho had one the title from Punk @ some point.

    I don't like the direction they are going with Punk vs Rock because on the microphone it has been completely one sided with Punk attacking "Dwayne" and getting ignored. We all know Rock could destory Punk in promos but I think WWE likes protecting Punk. This is the same reason Jericho was turned into such a cheap heel after getting over so well with truth @ first during their feud.
  2. Great One's Avatar
    I want to see Rock vs Cena again too,(this time with Cena winning of course) but there's not too many who wants to see it again. I'd rather see Punk vs Stone Cold then Punk vs Rock, but right now it seems like a long shot considering Stone Cold's knee problems
  3. akbar's Avatar
    No offence but how many times you going to write little blogs about something soo far away? Why not discuss things more relavent at the moment...
  4. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    I'd much rather see a Punk vs Rocky match at Wrstlemania.

    Btw not sure bout your EC ppv since there seems to be no RAW EC.

    I'd do:
    Royal Rumble:
    Rock beats Cena to win the WWE Championship

    Elimination Chamber
    Rock retains against CenaPunk wins an EC to become #1 contender

    Royal Rumble
    Punk defeats The Rock for the WWE Championship
  5. ewantu2's Avatar
    Lol he forgot about Brock vs HHH even tho we see recaps every single show.
  6. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Santino bt Cesaro
    Ziggler bt Jericho
    PTP bt Kingston & Truth
    Miz bt Mysterio
    Sheamus bt Del Rio
    Ziggler bt Sheamus(Cash in)
    Bryan bt Kane
    Punk bt Show & Cena
    Lesnar bt HHH
  7. Donsburt's Avatar
    Very good blog. I especially like the Triple H/Lesnar match. The possibilities of those outcomes in my opinion is pretty certain.
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