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  1. Xosanj's Avatar
    these gonna be cross band stuff xD

    Undertaker vs Sting

    Winner: Dont care who wins just want to see it!

    CM Punk vs Kurt Angle
    Winner: Kurt Angle

    Now i am not a super supporter of TNA i love watching it and know that Punk has been taking alot of shots on TNA and Angle spoke up about one of those times. So punk losses just on him talking trash.

    Tables, Ladders and Chairs match
    Bully Ray VS Kofi Kingston vs RVD vs Edge

    Winner: Edge

    Fatal Four Way Submission match
    Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe

    Winner: Samoa Joe

    Singles match
    Miss Tessmacher vs Layla

    Winner: Layla

    Costume/lingerie Contest
    Velvet Sky vs Layla vs Miss Tessmacher vs Alicia Fox vs Kelly Kelly vs Eve vs Christy Hemme vs Candice Michelle vs Stacy Keibler

    Winner: Us

    6 Way Elimination Match
    Awesome Kong vs Mickie James vs Gail Kim vs Trish Stratus vs Beth Phoenix vs Lita

    Winner: Awesome Kong

    End of an Era Match
    The Rock vs HHH vs Undertaker vs HBK vs Y2J Vs Stone Cold

    Winner: Stone Cold

    Last Man Standing Match
    Brock Lesnar vs Austin Aries

    Winner: Lesnar

    Ladder Match
    Jeff Hardy vs Evan Bourne

    Winner: Evan Bourne

    Tag Team Match

    Beer Money, Inc. vs Team HellNo

    Winner: Beer Money

    Elimination Chmaber
    Austin Aries vs CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy vs A.J. Styles vs John Cena vs Randy Orton.

    Winner: CM Punk
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Not a bad post. IMO, Triple H's greatest reign as WWE Champion was in 2000. Even though he did not hold the belt for that long, he still had a great feud with Mick Foley, defeating him in a street fight and again in a Hell in a Cell match. Still a good blog though. And as for John Cena's and Randy Orton's title reigns, I love them. Good job on the rankings too.
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  3. Heavy's Avatar
    Wow you got really creative mind lol I mean some of the matches could be different but yeah great job on being creative
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    No Daniel Bryan on the show? Don't make a lot of sense to have Big Show vs Kane w/Zack Ryder as the special referee. Make a lot more sense if Bryan was in a triple threat match with them w/ WWE title shot on the line so Bryan can continue to be tormented by AJ putting all those odds against him. Show gets a WWE title shot like everyone expects. Bryan is probably #1 at reaction with the crowd only behind if anyone Cena.

    I think Punk wins to be honest and I hope he does because his reign has been a joke. He had some good matches, but what has he really accomplished? Opening ppvs for goodness sake. This thing about him not finishing the show should continue. It would be stupid to stop it.

    I'd like to see a tag team turmoil after years of not seeing one. Hope they do that rather than do some four corners or 5 team tag match. Figure PTP wins the tag titles.

    I figure Kaitlyn will beat Layla.

    I think Del Rio may win the title even though I hope he doesn't. DQ? You arn't going to try to torture us by using another ppv to put them two in a rematch. 4 straight world title matches ending in a loss. Get it over with already!!

    Most likely scenario if you are going to have Miz and Mysterio face in the same match. It'd probably use Sin Cara and Cody instead of Sandow and A-Ry.
  5. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Riley comes out the nowhere don't you think???, I don't see two DQ's finish at the same PPV
  6. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I'd be shocked if Punk lost. They are trying to build his credibility as a heel champ, which means more heel heat if he's wearing the strap rather than chasing it. Taking the title off him at this point would pull the rug out from underneath this heel turn.

    And I doubt the Usos win considering they have less Raw/SD matches than Primo & Epico. Usually the WWE will put the titles on a team like the prime time players in a match like this so they don't have to make the champs look weak, losing a regular tag title match. I say PTP since they have been featured weekly on either Raw or SD for a couple of months now.
  7. Xosanj's Avatar
    Like most matches other than Kane and Show. Maybe Daniel vs Kane with Ryder guest ref.
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