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  1. Skunk's Avatar
    Why do the IWC armchair bookers always insist on having 3 or 4 ways for the titles?
  2. jalsbury77's Avatar
    Maybe you should do some Indy booking and work your way up. Nice job. I'd give Punk the title, just for him to hand it to Ted Dibiase. It's past time to give Ted some exposure. He and Curtis could have some amazing matches if given the time. The next night Paul Heyman brings in another superstar to feud with Punk to keep their energy alive. Maybe even some tag matches down the line too.
  3. wsm1996's Avatar
    Ppv not pocket, spellcheck
  4. wsm1996's Avatar
    This is how a prediction pocket card should be like nice job, very detailed
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Kane/R-Truth? Kane is leaving to shoot a film. He isn't going to be competing at Night of Champions.

    Punk winning the IC title won't happen and shouldn't. Heyman costs Punk the match or Axel cheats to win the match. Some type of screwjob finish.
  6. anaconda_vice's Avatar
    I read the whole thing and it seems pretty damned awesome!
  7. weems's Avatar
    The pre-show battle royal is a great idea, especially where the winner gets a title shot later that night on the PPV. I would actually tune in and watch the battle royal. I almost never tune in as the match is usually a mid-card feud thrown together at the last minute so that WWE has something to put on its pre-show.
    Also, I think it is interesting you have Punk winning the IC title. I guess I just can't see Punk ever winning a title again in WWE unless it is the WWE strap.
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