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    I like the card for the most part. I agree that Ryback will win. Need a match for Fandango to keep momentum going.
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    Pre Show:Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel- Singles match

    1:Fatal 4-Way for the Intercontinental Championship
    Wade Barrett (c) vs The Miz vs Fandango vs Chris Jericho

    2: Kaitlyn (c) vs AJ Lee Divas Championship

    3: Christian vs Jack Swagger

    4.Dean Ambrose (c) vs Kofi Kingston Falls Count Anywhere match for the United States Championship

    5.The Primetime Players (babyface) vs Rhode Scholars-Tag Team match

    6.World Heavyweight Championship
    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

    7.Curtis Axel vs Rey Mysterio

    8.Triple threat match for the WWE Tag Team Championships
    The Shield vs Team Hell No vs Randy Orton & Sheamus

    9.WWE Championship Ambulance match
    John Cena (c) vs Ryback
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucky7pointman
    lol 6 man ladder match for the ic title. that's funny. u know wwe will not do that
    Haha, oh believe me I know, it was more of a "what I would like to see", than what will happen.
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    If they didn't want Ryback going over via pin fall then why didn't he win at ER? Think your blogs through and remember common logic.
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    everything is good beside the 6 pack match cuz and i dont think adr vs zigger match will not be a ladder match. right now miz and wade is cont the story with each other this time fandango is adding in that feud
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    Quote Originally Posted by WWE.TNA.2012
    How come Dolph Ziggler won the WHC match via pinfall after a zigzag when it's a ladder match + it won't be a ladder match as it is MITB next month, they will proberly have Jack Swagger interfer and cost del rio the match and have the triple threat ladder match at MITB.
    really? 3 ladders match at mitb? that will look stupid as a booker. plus jack is back to being a jobber after what happen this week on smackdown. jack push is gone now

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