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    Quote Originally Posted by grave
    vereran tag team? the oldest are primo and epico, and the usos,
    a win over these teams isn't pushing shield
    Well, it is in a way. The Shield needs regular Tag Title defenses. What's the point in giving them the title if all their gonna do is battle in 6 man tag matches and always feud with DB & Kane? We're not talking PPV tag matches against The Uso's, but Smackdown, Raw, Main Event...why not?
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    vereran tag team? the oldest are primo and epico, and the usos,
    a win over these teams isn't pushing shield
    I'll painfully tell you what I dont want to see....repeat repeat matches. The same match 3 weeks in a row would NOT help the shield. They need to get over on a REAL tag team. Not Team Hell No...Maybe a veteran tag team...that the E is missing now.

    Agree with the fundamentals on this blog...Dont F it up E!

    Painful Rating: 7.0 out of 10
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    Unfortunately I agree but I don't think he will hold the title past summerslam or mayb the nxt ppv but its a shame as these losses r just gonna damage rybcks character. I would love though for Daniel Bryan to be the nxt champion. I think he's one of the few guys that can take it off cena besides punk, jericho ( is he aligns with hetman) nd possibly even Brock. I c orton (overdone anyways) and sheamus going after whc nd unfortunaly Christian just doesn't seem credible enough to challenge for wwe title but would love to c him as whc again
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    I would like Sami Zayn to form a team with cara and bourne and start taking on the shield
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    I hope that next week we are going to see the battle of the new factions
    shield vs the wyat family,

    or at least build the family up by beaten the same guys you just mentioned the shield has beaten, and after that cost the shield some matches by interfering building up the feud
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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JLionsault
    Definitely gonna agree. The WWE have seemed to be heading in a far better direction as of late. They are bringing in some amazing talent. I think if Cena doesn't drop the title to CM Punk or possibly Mark Henry, then he will hold it for a long while before dropping it to someone seen as the future face of the company. I'm hoping that will be Daniel Bryan
    ^ All this sounds good
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