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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think most of these are correct. Here's where I think differently:
    1. Dolph wins- The way they have been booking Sandow leaves me no hope for an intelligent outcome. These are two of my personal favorite wrestlers, a gd shame that they are pre-showing.

    2. AJ wins- Brie has no business winning this match. They are just going off her momentum with the show and her engagement. AJ is way too over and even has the whole Stephanie storyline brewing. She won't lose the title.

    3. The main event needs a winner. Major slap to the face of the viewers if it is a draw (no kayfabe here). People are paying money here, we saw a draw in the main event 5 months ago. Common sense says Orton, unless DB wins it and gets it taken away again. If DB wins, he will become a 3 time WWE champion, something only 13 men have ever done. We're talkin the best of the best, bar none. If they give DB the title and ruin his reign again, it will be a slap to the face of everyone that ever held it, and again, no kayfabe.

    Just my thoughts, little to no interest in the card personally.

    Edit: Why are Orton and DB facing off for the 20th time in a plain old singles match? Couldn't they make it a ladder match or no holds barred?
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  2. Jony Deep's Avatar
    i will watch battleground, it will be great event. i bought it on . it's cheaper than this official one from and working very nice not only to this event ,but also for next ones
  3. weems's Avatar
    I understand your logic for each feud but the only real ones I would have an interest in seeing unfold out are HHH v Punk and AJ v Steph. Others I would like to see include, Cena v Taker, Ambrose v Rollins, Cody v Goldust, Young v Titus, Ryback (face) v Lesner w/ Heyman (as the heels) and Punk v Ziggler.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    I think Step-AJ would accentuate the fact that Steph looks like a lumberjack since AJ is so petite and there's about a 1 foot height difference. I like Punk-HHH, it never really got off the ground back in the day. As far as Ryback, I'd like to see him take on any and all main eventers for the next couple of years of his career.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Feels as if you have more renewed than new ones. RVD vs Cena isn't a new is an old rivalry. Did they hate each other? No, but 2 totally different superstars which made the fans go nuts when they faced off. RVD used flashy moves to get over while Cena's moves arn't flashy a bit.

    I've been waiting for Cena vs Christian since Christian returned.

    Ryback vs Big Show is the match I wanted at WM this year.

    Dolph vs Miz would be good.....

    Who doesn't want to see Stephanie vs AJ?

    The only renewed rivalries really I want to see, Cena vs RVD or Christian based on the list given. Cena vs Barrett or Sheamus intrigues me a bit too....I'm just wanting something new. A lot of new stars right now, havn't really had big rivalries with anyone in the top spots. Guys like Ziggler, Bryan, Bray Wyatt, ect. Those guys are my favorites right now along with PTP, Sandow, and of course AJ.
  6. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Move on already! Show broke gimmick was used before...when he got the so called "Iron-Clad" contract! What happened to that? Who gives 2 shits about the Diva feud, although I like AJ...ADR vs RVD = IDC...Punk went from the Best in the World...long reigning champ, anti-hero feuding with Vince and HHH, losing to Paul?! WTF!? Move on and tie the CM Punk, anti-hero champion to create a group with DB to battle the Corp!!! That feud fizzled and suddenly HHH, Punk & Cena got along. Have Punk turn his attention to HHH and Corp, beat Orton for the title and have Cena return as the Corp Puppet he is and feud with Punk & Daniel Bryan, along with HHH and'll be WWE Corp vs true wrestlers Punk/Bryan and the newly formed "CULT"! With Cena returning...gr8 opportunity to turn him heel. Down the road I see HHH, Cena, Orton & Shield going up against true wrestlers and fighters...non-commercial...Punk, Bryan, Sheamus, Cesaro, Swagger...maybe Dolph and ADR!!
  7. Kajmere's Avatar
    My 2 cents:
    Divas: haven't watched any divas match for a long time, FF on my DVR every time.

    ADR-RVD: I agree with everything you said, I will add that I really hate ADR on my TV.

    Big show- to the point where I want to FF all of his segments, but can't bc it ties in to the WWE title picture.

    Punk vs Heyman and co.: I like the heels getting over here, probably my favorite feud. Bravo using Punk to put them over.

    DB vs Corp: great storyline but I am really starting to hate HHH and Steph hogging tv time, esp Steph. Not sure how long the DB- Orton momentum will last. They've already had several matches this year before the title feud. Closed 2 ppv's already, now we got Battlefield and HIAC, and a likely team vs team match at SS. I would hope that they change it up by TLC. It's in my hometown, Houston, and I'm attending, and I don't want DB-Orton match #20 to main event.
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