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    who knows?! I'm definitely watching, I think wwe has built this feud perfectly in such a short space of time. I think RAW has been proving the wwe can still do it over the past month. what a roster. I know I've gone off track as always but that tornado match from a few weeks ago! one of the best matches I've seen.

    I really hope mcmahon screws punk and he has to stay (in story) meaning he has to continue working in the company he hates.
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    Hi, thanks again for all the comments, great to see a healthy range of opinions as ever. Having watched the last build up RAW before MITB I am torn as to whats going to happen. I thought the MITB winner would cash it in that night against Punk, it would certainly make good telly but I was worried that it could push the MITB winner (Del Rio hands down) as a face which the business doesn’t want. Though having said that with the pops that Punk is getting lately a majority of the crowd would probably not appreciate the cash-in, so it could work.
    It pains me to say it but I believe Cena will win clean (hoping for a match of the year candidate but HBK is the only person to get one of those out of Cena) and then I think most of the roster will come down and do all their finishers on Punk – maybe even a Stunner..who knows.
    To be fair I normally call these wrong but it’s always fun to have a guess.
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    WWE PG should drop their gimmick PPVs like Hell in a Cell. All those PPV's do is piss people off and water down what used to be a feared match. Now it's just plexi glass spots. BLEH. I agree's not the lack of Blood or whatever that's making WWE's Vince just getting old and out of touch and having terrible idiot writers on his staff that don't know a thing about wrestling.
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    Del Rio is not the answer...however he is the next guy in line for the push with cena for the rest of the Summer...they're just killing time until Rock Cena at Mania...and at this point I really don't care about that match...because if it IS for the WWE title and Rock wins...that might be when the MITB winner cashes in...but I doubt it. BTW After actually getting over...look at how MIZ is doing now...MIZCARD!
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    i just hope that some of the wrestlers would have even 1/3 of the passion that CM Punk has for the business. man knows his shit and the shoot promo was spot on. i don't care for the blood or hardcore spots but i would like some of the edginess back eventhough its PG era. Punk showed us all how that edginess can be brought back and no one got pissed off or suspended. PG can be entertaining too, just dont make shows bland, self-repeating and predictable. great blog!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brown One
    A well thought out blog. However Dom, I think you made a mistake with the WWE Championship match stipulation. Vince said that "If Punk walks out of Chicago with the WWE title, Cena is fired". Well we cannot rule out the possibility of the Raw MITB winner cashing in on Punk, should he win the title, since technically, Punk would lose it, and thus Cena would not be fired.
    That's exactly what I think is going to happen: Alberto Del Rio will win the Raw MITB; Punk will beat Cena; and then Del Rio will cash in against Punk to set a match up between himself and Cena at Summerslam.
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    Good blog apart from sounding like an E mark indirectly bashing Impact
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