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    Thanks for the comments. It's interesting to see developing story on this and the news that the intention was for Cena to come out stronger than the Rock which i think is good booking. I still think Cena caught Rock off guard tho with the notes on wrist part because Rock was definitely not the same after Cena left the ring and struggled to find his flow again.
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    It was made to give Cena some momentum IMO. Over the past year Cena has effectively been made to look untouchable by insults. You can't wipe the smile off of his face because of the whole 'love me or hate me, I don't care' thing he has going on. The fact that Rocky's promo was weak adds to this and on some level makes him the babyface heading into WrestleMania. Without giving Cena a flaw other than the fans being bored of him, Rocky has nothing but cheap insults and comedy nicknames to work with. And whilst this is the case Cena has the resentment and possible jealousy (over not being able to build a decent movie career outside of WWE) to build some fiery promos. It's all a huge risk of making this build up into another SuperCena storyline.
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    You are right SDHCEO. It was planned by the WWE to make Cena look better. They want a 50/50 split come WM 28. I don't see it happening but we will see. Once again the internet has foiled the WWE. Look at the newly posted news if you want the facts to back up what I just said. It was a good blog though and CM Punk did bury Nash on the mic but he never intended to wrestle full time.
  4. SmackdownhotelCEO's Avatar
    I think you have a very fair analysis of what has happened. BUT...I tend to think this was a little more scripted than we give it credit for. You mentioned how Rock came back has been on point until now. Seems a little too convenient to me that Rock would slip off right before his trumpeted return to Mania' in Miami. But you're spot on Cena's promos last week and this week put Rock on notice. But it did was it was designed to do or in WWE's case accidentally caused all of us in the IWC to mark out. Good blog.
  5. The Outsider's Avatar
    I think Cena really tried at MITB and I take my hat off to him hats the most moves I've seen him pull off in years. I've never disliked John Cena than just his gimmick. I'm glad someone agrees that he's this generations Hogan and hasn't been shot down in flames (yet). Great blog btw
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    The thing with Cena is not that he is bad, the thing with him is the too much in your face approach of the character, he is everywhere, he has a 25 minutes promo and the Main event that can also run a 25-30 minutes thing, if it was starting it won't be so hard but the thing is that he has done the exact same thing for the last 6 years. He works his ass of every night, yes but he also relies in the same formula and so the WWE.

    I am not tlaking or taking a shot as his ring work, but as the approach of the character in general, like in your title says, the Role of the Underdog, but they must have realized that after Wrestlemania 23 when he defeated Michaels, He was no longer that.

    Punk was right about that last Monday, Cena is no longer that and he shouldn't be approached like that any longer.

    What happened to Cena is the same thing that happened to Hogan (character wise) after 1995, He was the same all the time and didn't changed a thing, but what worked for Hogan was that he was not the underdog, he was the beloved champion, although that also became boring at some point.

    There is a great statement on the Dark Night Movie: "Either you die a Hero, or you live long enough to become a villain", for Cena it happened really fast but with out wanted it or liking it, his character became just that, so much that you can even hear it in his home town and the same happened when he faced Edge at Summerslam 2006,he was starting to get booed and Edge stated to get cheered even if he tried not to.
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    I'm gonna tell you what I tell every Cena fan I respect him outside the Wrestling business but when it comes down Live on Monday Night or PPV i don't respect him what so ever I've been Anti-Cena since 2004 didn't like his thug bullshit!!, him thinking he served in the armed forces and now this SuperCena bullshit!!! sorry my friend but i think Cena needs to do another 9 more years to get my respect inside Wrestling Entertainment Ring. Don't get me wrong he did a good job at MITB vs Cm Punk but until he shows me he can do that every match he's in then I'll start respecting him.

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