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  1. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I can see Santino eating an F5 in the next 2 months.
  2. keatsmeister's Avatar
    I'd probably take it further, and every now and then have the superstars in the audience as part of the audience (and not just for their spot for the evening). Maybe the next UK/European superstar they want to introduce, have a football/soccer yob gimmick, where he would be in the crowd (not necessarily the front row), kicking off footie/soccer chants according to whatever is happening in the show at that time, and joining in with what the audience is doing, up until their spot.

    The show is certainly more watchable when it is interactive, and the crowd are involved and invested in what is happening.
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I completely agree. The what chant is officially gone. On Monday night sections of the crowd tried to get one started but it was soon replaced by the umpteenth "Yes!" chant lol.
  4. justinjackson1983's Avatar
    the shout out would be fun,
  5. LincolnHawk's Avatar
    Great blog. In recent years, I've noticed that title changes are more frequent, reigns are shorter and you're right - it does slightly devalue the championship a long with the fact that the likes of Jack Swagger is a former World Champion. It's also hard to believe that Sheamus debuted in 2009 and in his time with WWE, he's become a two-time WWE Champion. The fact is that superstars are pushed far too early into their career these days and the guys that they have holding the titles aren't anywhere near the level that the likes of Flair, HBK and Austin were at to have a considerable reign as champion.
  6. Am I Strange?'s Avatar
    I dont think it has much to do with the length of a title reign, but rather in how that reign is booked. Look at A Double he has held the title for over 6 months now, and i don't hear people clamouring for him to drop it.
  7. UnstoppableThombo's Avatar
    Good blog, but gotta say I disagree with you about Cody Rhodes bringing "value" back to the IC title. I'd agree with statement if he'd defended it at more ppv's, and well just more in general. Sorry, but it's pretty obvious its no longer the workhorse's title as Bret and HBK have referred to it as back in the 90's. Case and point, if Cody had defended it against Randy Orton when they had their ppv match last year and retained, then yes there would be more value to the title, but apparently Orton's too big a draw for the IC title nowadays, yet Jericho and Mysterio weren't a few years ago.
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