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  1. theedgehead's Avatar
    nothing we can do folks, all about respect regardless of entertainment or not. im just shitty that we have to wait for the orton/jericho feud.
  2. Kincaid's Avatar
    Slaughter never burned the American flag, btw. He was going to but burned a Hulk Rules shirt instead.
  3. madnonsense's Avatar
    Jericho deserves to get a 30 day suspension. You can't play the country flag like crap. I recalled Finlay got fired for not watching out for the wrestlers in the house show. So the person who was in charge of the wrestlers for that day should also be suspended or get fired.
  4. Gazman Savage's Avatar
    I cannot believe Y2J has been suspended for 30 days over an honest error done in the character of playing a heel!
    If common sense prevailed they could have a famous Brazilian wrestler (if there is one?) offer out Jericho the next night and restore Brasils honour but no PC bs has took hold.
    I believe most fans that night would have understand it was done in character as a heel and gone along with the storyline but if not with hindsight understood a honest mistake had been made.
    Jericho man I stand behind you......
    FREE Y2J...
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    This is rediculous.
    Over PG and over PC.
    I just hope Jericho can use the heat.
  6. owenhart4life's Avatar
    Linda McMahon is running for office that is why he is suspended. The WWE does not want to do anything to make her look bad since she has been associated with the WWE and it could ruin her Senate run. All of you guys are right though. This is NOTHING compared to the ATTITUDE ERA. Yeah, the era people complain about and wish we stop bringing up. Well guess what if this was the attitude era this would be a NON STORY. Such a shame the WWE has become an organization that has fools dancing in the rings with kids.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Not only will Santino, Funkasaurus, and Hornswaggle not be in Brock's way, but the majority of the roster won't be. This Cena/Brock feud will carry at least until Summer Slam, if not all the way until Survivor Series. Extreme Rules will end in just an all out brawl that can't be stopped and it'll be reminiscent of Raw's weak opening a few weeks ago. Brock is a part timer. There are no other feuds for him. His presence won't have any effect on most of the roster.

    Remember, reports are he's signed for 30-40 appearances. I assume he'll probably be on the shorter end of that, so figure on like 30-32 appearances. 4 of them are taken care of as of Extreme Rules. So don't expect Brock to have too much to do other than occupy Cena's time so they can have the titles revolve around other wrestlers.
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