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  1. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    Don't forget there is a 4th one.
    4. After the mania angle and a few good promos in between the Rock hangs around. This could good but most likely it will be bad not only for The Rock but for the millions. If vince gets Rock back in somehow then he will most likely have to conform to the PG rules. I know it sounds silly but think about it if the rock comes back as say RAW GM then mabye not right away but sooner or later the sponsers will get kranky at him saying ass all the time and the Rock will change just like WWE did when they went to PG. You may think I am wrong but ask yourself [B]which is more likley The Rock canging PG or PG changing The Rock.[/B]
    4b. If the Rock does end up wrestling full time (highly unlikely) then even more young talent will be pushed into obscurity as he fueds with Cena Edge Ortan ect. This could set WWEs youth movment back two or three years. Not to mention the Rock would probably loose to most of these and that would tarnish all our great memories.
  2. TakerMania's Avatar
    although I would mark The Hell out if Cena Vs Rock happened this Mania but I guess it will not
  3. TakerMania's Avatar
    I think That Cena vs Rock will happen in WM28 and The Rivaly will start at WM27 when the Rock Gives him The Rock Bottom and cost him his match
    and it's going to be The biggest Build up in History
    and I also Think That The Rock can help a lot of The talents on their mic skills and their presense and gimmick's charisma
  4. Austin Mcintosh's Avatar
    no one has thought of a Cena Heelturn?????? best time to do it.
  5. Domkin's Avatar
    Thanks for all your comments, really enjoying reading your opinions. Great to see some of you have tickets for Mania and are now breathing a huge sigh of relief, its going to be an amazing show. The question of the PG era is a good one and ill probably tackle that in my next blog. I havent seen too much made of Rocks use of language on RAW last week though it seemed quite tame for me but I get the feeling they're pretty srtict on US tv.
    Rock v Cena @Summerslam? hmmm it would be amazing but just seems too big a match for even that PPV. That match alone would make a Mania. I think if the interaction goes well and Rocks love for the business remains post Mania then maybe...just maybe we'll see it next year.
    Keep the comments coming, all additions and opinions greatly appreciated.
  6. argoedlegend's Avatar
    Nice blog mate.
    In my opinion I think it's sad to see how WWE have had to revert to old talent such as The Rock. I'm not hating The Rock because he is a superb entertainer and athlete, but hearing how crazy the entire building went when he came back on Monday night, that's something that hasn't been seen for countless years. Not even a pop that loud came for the incredible John Cena when he returned early from injury and won the Royal Rumble.
    I am not a Cena fan due to the fact he's a little how HHH was a few years back, he was in your face week in and week out, but credit where credit is due, I cannot deny the guys work rate and abilities, and dedication to the company.
    WWE has all the talent in the world on that roster, but unfortunately they allow alot of it to go unoticed and fade into the background and eventually become jobbers before recieving their future endeavours, which is a shame. But one thing they lack with the stars they are pushing, is mic skills and promos. Mason Ryan, looks the part but very poor wrestler and mic skills are terrible (hate to slate him as I am a fellow countryman), John Morrison, outstanding athlete, one of the best on the roster, but mic skills need work, Ted Dibiase is another, great wrestler but burying him and he has very little mic skills.
    The only promo I can actually look back at and say I have been impressed with for a number of years, was back when Randy Orton was in Legacy, and Legacy bought him that Nascar when the show was hosted by one of their top drivers, and Kofi Kingston sat there, talking about him and then totally smashed up his car. We want to see more of this, but unfortunately we don't.
    I see your points that you have made about The Rock possibly burying Cena and making him look average, and it is a shame, but then maybe it will give Cena the chance to get people to like him on a Rock kind of level without being forced down our throats.
    Who knows eh??
  7. jethro's Avatar
    I agree,The Rock 20 minutes promos sure able to bury Cena...but I hope The Rock dont overdo it though as it'll hurt Cena and Cenation.

    The good thing about The Rock coming back is that it'll bring back fans from attitude era.

    Good blog Domkin,good blog
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