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  1. DR.X313's Avatar
    the prob with the rock return is that he destroyed cena and the miz in in that promo.cena had his lil free style,but in the end the rock's promo still wins out. but the real prob is the rock's not gonna wrestle full time or part time. but REAL prob is nobody on the roster are not where the rock is in terms of in ring or on the mic. and its' just sad cause thats where the wwe is stuck with a bunch of guys who don't have it . some got 75% others much less. and thats why the rock coming back is bad for wwe, it just reminds all the real fans that used to go to the shows and buy those ppv what isn't there anymore.
  2. johnmmmrs's Avatar
    First of all Domkin i must say great blog.I was also exited as everybody else last week when the Rock came back UNTIL he start to mock John Cena,and i think that tonight( i see all ppv live but monday night raw i see it with an delay of 10 hours In Malaysia so every Tuesday at 10 pm)that John Cena showed the Rock who is King now in the WWE i Think that if the rock and John cena will meet in the upcoming week(s) that cena will talk the rock out of the building.
    I mean Cena has a good point The Rock left all his fans for Holywood,i mean smart move less injury scedual is also les hectic i understand,but if Cena or anybody say something about it ........
    Furthermore the Rock did not want to be called the Rock anymore but Dwayne Johnson,and never want to answer any questions about his wrestling past.
    Don't get me wrong here i am also a Rock fan But we moved on and have now John Cena we all remember the Rock VS Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania ??? (trivia) i do not think that the rock is Hulk Hogan and get the same reception as the hulkster got,but it would be interesting to see,if that match ever to take place,for now the way that i see it is going
    The Miz Vs John Cena and THE Rock will be the special guest referee and than see what the rock will do count Cena or the Miz
    One more thing what did the Rock mean with that he will never leave the wwe again? does it mean no more Hollywood ????
  3. MrNolan's Avatar
    I must say I agree with your concern for Cena and his fanbase. I have no problem with the Cenation and have mad respect for Cena's ability in ring and on the mic. It would be sad to see the WWE's top dog and one of the hardest workers in history be buried week after week by some guy who is only coming back for a few dates and then leaves the business again. No offense to the Rock, as great as he is, Cena deserves better whether I like him or not... And I like him.

    I see the Rock and Cena having some fun in the ring (not wrestling). They are going to play up this animosity a little bit and its gonna climax with the two teaming up to possibly fend off and beat up Nexus? Its a guess. I could see them taking turns hitting the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and the People's elbow on CM Punk. However it turns out, its gonna end on a positive note with Rock and Cena prevailing over some heel.
  4. Domkin's Avatar
    Hi all, again huge thanks for taking the time to read this blog and for your comments. Some really good ideas coming up here. TakerMania - totally agree with you 100% a years buid up to next years Mania would be unprecendented and outstanding but so difficult to sustain interest for. Rock would have to be used sparingly throughout the year. Possible tho.
    Candlelabra5212 good comments, you could say that the success of Austin/Rock era is one of ther reasons that there wasnt a heap of new talent to take over. Tho I dont necessarily blame the WWE competely the last decade has given us respected stars Cena, Edge, Mysterio, Angle, Jericho,Orton etc but they do show sometimes that they dont know how to handle youth Swagger, DiBiase, Kaval.
    As for the ongoing PG debate, im geuinely looking forward to discussing this in my next blog next week after the Elimination Chamber fallout.
    Knox - good comments and thank you for the feedback.
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    Great blog
    Tottally agree that the Rocks promo buried Cenas BUT think back to when Cena was heel.....Is promos were great and some even on par with The Rocks skills so could this be an oppertunity for a cena heel turn and back to what he does best? ( in my oppinion)
  6. Cynicism's Avatar
    The problem with The Rock trashing Cena is how the WWE has billed him as being untouchable so far. If there were top starS rather than a top star it would be different but they've created a situation where devaluing Cena means devaluing the whole locker room
  7. knox's Avatar
    First of all, AMAZING FIRST BLOG. I love your points and I never thought about it that way. Maybe the Rock did overshadow the other mainevents but I mean atleast new talents are in both the mainevent I'm just not sure if it should be Del Rio and the Miz. I personally think Morrison, Kofi & Dibiase should be competting for the world or wwe title hands down.

    As far as Cena, his fan base isnt going anywhere. But I'm intrigued but dont expect a Cena heelturn lol. If they battle it will be a face on face match in which they give Cena the win so the Rock can pass the torch. Just like when he faced Hogan at Wrestlemania. The Rock & Cena will hug it out and shake hands and there you have it.

    Keep posting blogs you are good and I will look out for more of your work

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