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    to be honest i long to c a chair shot to the head and its not just the lack of blood its the fact we have to put up with SANTINO AND HORNSWOGGLW WHICH IS A JOKE
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    I generally agree that PG doesn't necessarily mean boring. But lately in what is seemingly an effort to maintain a PG rating, character developement has suffered. Super Cena is the most generic top babyface character the WWE has ever had and even upper-midcard heels like Doph Ziggler have no personality at all. Also, in an attempt to make up for a lack of compelling stories or characters, creative has resorted to booking main-event level matches every week on Raw and SmackDown, with almost no build at all. Taking the main-eventers for the next pay-per-view putting them in tag-team matches against their opponents for 3 weeks in a row is just boring. They can be a bit edgier (as seen in recent weeks by the Rock and Cena promos) without losing the PG rating. I agree that HIAC and other such matches should be replaced because they are not compelling when they are toned down to the degree they have been, but they can find a suitable replacement that can work in PG. Even the Hogan era was edgier than the WWE has been for the past couple years, but edgy does not always mean entertaining and if done properly PG can lead to just as good of a product as the WWE has had in the past.
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    I totally agree, it doesnt matter what the rating is to put on a good show. orton/cena last man standing or there iron man match was insane. People complain to much about PG and those are the uneducated fools who need there degree in thuganomincs. Also when you have a match like HIAC or Elimination Chamber match that is the only time you should see blood. BLood in wrestling at the right time sells the match and only makes it better. Great blog man.
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    nothing but a blessing when it comes to it rock spent 1/2 mins on cena, cena spent 4/5 talkin about the rock so rock didnt really put him down to much
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    the thing about the rocks promo is that it mite make the other wrestlers wake up and get on the ball. who knows we may see better promos because of it. eg cena on the last raw
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    Really nice blog, replete with wonderful view-points that cover this WWE move from all angles. I also believe that The Rock would seriously "good at the mike" guys a run for their money any day, and maybe that's why he targeted the two best guys on the mike right now - miz and cena. Of course, a showdown on the mike would be amazing, but I am sure the Cena-Miz match at Mania would definitely have thee Rock involved through a stipulation in some capacity, or best, in a triple threat match. Carry on the good work, mate!
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