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    The 'The' was a moderation error. I never added it. All sorted now though. :-)
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    He's not called The Edge, he's just called Edge.
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    Loved the blog; my girlfriend and I were stricken to find out he was retiring and were hoping that it was just a storyline. Oh well, thanks for the memories, and hopefully when he's inducted into the HOF we'll get one more 5 second pose for the benefit of those with flash photography.
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    Great Blog!
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    Thnx for The Blog

    We Will miss him so much

    it's really sad

    a Decade and Half of Awesomeness


    he Earned every single Push he had

    he's a Legend

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    I'd like to think it won't be that simple, but it all comes down to what the plans are for the Rock? He's booked for Raw the following night, so I have to assume he'll be involved beyond "Hosting". Problem with the Rock is that he comes back to wrestling and overnight becomes THE draw. Buyrates will once again live and die off his performances. (remember the late 90's/early 2000's) Austin was a part of that too, but as great as he was, the matches were mostly the same minus his antic of the night, it was the rock that mixed things up in the ring. You could argue that even without the title, his matches will main event ppvs and push the title matches to second best. However you look at it though, if he's back on a undertakeresque schedule, he just might dissapeer for a while after WM, but if he's back on a relatively full schedule, he'll be the champ (the majority of the time) until he decides to leave again. And he does deserve it, his name = buyrates. It's business and it really is that simple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slobernocker_30
    1) Miz retains the title against Cena.
    2) The Rock storms the ring and kicks Cena's ass then challenges the Miz for the title.
    3) Miz drops title to the Rock.
    4) Rock drops title next night on Raw and walks away.

    Really, the only way I see the Rock walking away is after regaining the WWE Title. I don't see him back for good, so the quicker he wins it the quicker he can lose it (the quicker Vince stops writing him big checks......) Miz is done, but it will be another heal champion taking it from the Rock. I'd guess Barrett if there were a gun to my head, they can pass the title on Raw with a gimmick and have the Core "injure" the Rock, sending him on his merry way.
    Sorry man but that angle seemed like the crappy ending of Wrestlemania XIX when Hogan won the title from Yokozuna.

    Seriiosly I hope something like that does not happen at all, I mean, it would piss on both, Cena and The Miz.

    Cena sure as Hell can recover since he is "The Guy" but the Miz, not at all.
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