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  1. Chris Jericho Spoken Word Show, London (Review)

    So I had the opportunity to attend the Chris Jericho Spoken Word show at The Garage, London this past weekend and thought I’d share my feelings on a fantastic show especially for those who didn’t go and were curious as to what took place.

    It was advertised as ‘Rockstars Say The Funniest Things’ so it was unclear how much of the show was going to be about Jerichos’ wrestling career ...
  2. The Jericho Situation

    The breaking news of Jerichos suspension is both unfortunate for the WWE and sad for us fans. Although the desecration of any nations flag should be considered the most offensive cheap heat a wrestler can get lets put this into a bit of perspective. From the footage I’ve seen of the event Jericho grabs the flag from Punk, crumples it up and then kicks it out of the ring. When you compare that to ...
  3. The Legitimacy of Legitimacy

    Hi all,
    There’s a new word being touted around the WWE Universe (apart from YES!) and that’s Legitimacy. Since Brocks return a couple of weeks ago there have been references from both him Cena and Laurinaitis as well as countless references from the announcers so it’s clear that this is something the WWE want us to take note of as something different post Cena/Rock.

    I’ve read and listened ...
  4. Wrestlings Biggest Star...The Audience

    Hi all,

    For this blog I thought I’d look at the biggest member or any wrestling companies roster…the audience. And a hot live audience is to me the key to strong ratings and over performers.

    There is the argument that a crowd varies from city to city and from country to country (Although International shows are always going to look strong as the crowd see the shows live ...
  5. Wrestlemania - Can it make a difference?

    Hi all,

    Time for one final pre Mania blog.

    I’m not going to give any Wrestlemania predictions, I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of those kind of blogs. Each person has an opinion of how they would like a match to be booked from the simplest endings to the kind that wouldn’t even happen in a million years and I don’t know who’d be interested in hearing mine.

  6. The Value of a Title

    Hi all,

    I wanted to steer slightly away from the usual Mania build up discussions this week and pose the question - just what is a title worth these days?

    There has been some commentary on the lack of focus on titles in this years Wrestlemania. The SD match is way down the pecking order, the Punk/Jericho match is more about the ’Best in the World’ moniker, no tag team ...
  7. Promo v Promo v Promo

    Hi All,

    I’ve definitely got the Mania bug now and extremely excited for not only what the night brings us fans but also what the fallout is afterwards and where it takes the business. I also do have a minor caveat as I felt similar feelings this time last year only to be rather underwhelmed by the show. But I’m pretty confident this one will be a classic.

    I thought I’d ...
  8. The Verbal Attitude Era

    Been thinking for a while about what to add to the mix regarding the Wrestlemania build up without repeating other really good blogs/comments etc…. so thought I’d talk about what I’d like to call the birth of the Verbal Attitude Era.

    We are all aware of how over recent years the WWE have continually blurred the edges between reality and fantasy and I think this has been out of respect ...
  9. John Cena - The Ultimate Underdog

    Hi all, no blogs for months and then two in the space of a week! Having watched the sensational MITB PPV last night ive been thinking about what I wanted to say on the matter and I've decided to comment around one person I never thought I'd blog about John Cena.

    Before I get to that I just want to say that I thought the PPV was outstanding from beginning to end, everyone worked their ...
  10. 'The Antagonist Within' - The Curious Case of CM Punk

    Hi all, it’s been a while since I added a blog, mostly because others have been covering topics pretty well already and because I haven’t had much to say lately. Post Mania has for me seen WWE plateau a bit, this time of year always does seem a bit quiet but that may be because of the hyperbole of the first four months of the years viewing.
    And then in the past few weeks something really ...

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