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  1. My Idea for The Miz's Wrestlemania! PART 2

    Now I know I said I was going to let you guys think of what would happen at wrestlemania if The Miz was involved in the GM match up (on long's team). But I got thinking about it, and I thought I would share it with you!

    Special shout out to the DK Wrestling Savior for his kind words and apologies if you were thinking along the same lines.

    Here goes! So based on the ...

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  2. My Idea for The Miz's Wrestlemania!

    Now this is my first blog for about a year, so please be kind. But really wanted to share this with you!!!

    The Miz as of late has been on a losing streak and has struggled with getting his wrestlemania match. This week on raw he lost to cm punk and lost the chance of being on the grandest stage of them all with it. Now I know it's been rumored that he will be involved in the rock/cena ...

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