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  1. Finally!!!!!!............ ...............The Rock back in the title picture?

    Now I know this could be a long shot, but what if WWE wanted to really mix things up a little bit! And obviously if The Rock is willing to wrestle some matches, could we see The Great One recapture the gold?????

    After raw this week, I think it is clear The Rock is going to be involved a little more then just being the host at wrestlemania. Possibly a John Cena screw job or after John ...
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  2. TNA have done a good job with Jeff Hardy!

    Since Jeff Hardy has made his second appearance in TNA I feel they have surprisingly utilized him in the correct ways.

    Now Jeff's last stint in the WWE you could argue to be his best in his whole career main eventing and winning championships, but I actually think TNA have done one better then WWE on this occasion!

    WWE would never have dreamed of making Jeff heel in ...
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