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  1. Lowki's Avatar
    NashVegas...WWE made a profit last year...
    Total revenues for the year ended December 31, 2010 were $477.7 million as compared to $475.2 million in the prior year. Operating income was $82.3 million as compared to $77.1 million in the prior year. Net income was $53.5 million, or $0.71 per share, as compared to $50.3 million, or $0.68 per share, in the prior year.
    So this shows that they were down $3million which was due to the increase in operating income (due in part to their expansion into china and other nations which they haven't started receiving income for yet). They actually pulled more in last year than 2009 and are still A LOT richer than they were in the attitude era- the company has expanded tenfold since then. The only panic i see is Ryan Clark the TNA Mark making a mountain out of a mole hill with these financial reports.
  2. NashVegas24's Avatar
    @therockiswwf - Much like everyone on this site, I enjoy everything wrestling. The connection that I see is when you do have a substandard or inferior product, it ultimately will catch up to you through the financials. When it hits the financial spreadsheets, it goes back to the product at hand.

    If your financials are dowm, it means the product isn't or has not worked out as planned.

    The fans are the ultimate boss of the company. With PPVs buys down and other revenue streams down, I would like to think someone in Stamford is sitting there and say, we need to do something different here.

    The train that is the WWE will always be going forward - good, bad or indifferent.

    Like you said, they got plenty of money.
  3. therockiswwf's Avatar
    @NashVegas24- My bad, I misunderstood what you said.
    But you did say they have an inferior product which is causing them to lose money. No matter what there will always be someone who doesn't like the wwe's product, so I don't see how that has a big impact on their sales as its always been there. Streams, bad economy, charging 60 dollars per ppv (I don't buy any but Mania) and wrestling in general not being as popular as it used to is causing them to lose money (although its not like their poor or anything).
  4. NashVegas24's Avatar
    First of all, I never said the WWE is losing money because people don't like it anymore. Regardless, I am aware of the current economic situation this country is in. I am sure some of the economic downturn plays a part in the house show attendance and the PPV buys. This is what happens when you have an inferior product.

    With the recent Q4 results, I figured this would ignite a little fire within Stamford's finest. We are now on the Road to WM and the product is typically better this time of year.

    So, @therockiswwf maybe your happy with the product right now. I believe they need something new and fresh to make it exciting again to watch week in and week out. Since they don't have any comparable competition like they did in 1997, the only thing left is their financial results and stockholders.
  5. cubco's Avatar
    granted, wrestling is not like it used to be. but i am still highly entertained with what i see, so i dont care
  6. therockiswwf's Avatar
    What else can you do but laugh at this?

    PS- @NashVegas24 you said that the WWE is losing money because a lot of people don't like it anymore- Did you know that currently the economy is not doing very well?
  7. The Brown One's Avatar
    To be fair, they never said that the videos were vignettes for Sting's WWE debut. People were just assuming that. If you are going to be disappointed if its The Undertaker returning, blame yourself for putting too much faith in the product. I believe that WWE has been giving us some awesome shows as of late, and you must only be focusing on the negatives if you haven't seen them. Sure they have stupid stuff too, especially the dance segments, and anything with Hornswoggle, but they have some great matches too. They are actually giving their wrestlers more time to talk, and make themselves more well known with the crowd. They are pushing their newer, and younger stars too, especially Dolph Ziggler. I've heard many people say that "this is the final straw", when they think that a wrestling product is stale, and offering us nothing but bullshit. But at this time of the year, WWE puts on its best promos/matches, and its been going well so far. So I doubt this is the final nail in the coffin.
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