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    Awesome idea here, in my opinion... This would shake things up a bit: a group of volatile wildcards that answer to no one. I can see where each potential member can gain from it. That, and WWE is short on factions and supergroups right now anyway.
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    Good Blog!! n I think...R-Truth, Orton and DB can be gr8 tweeners..n there is one more guy who can be THE BEST TWEENER is CHRISTIAN!! Yes, The Captain Charisma can pull off a gr8 TWEENER!!!
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    Do not end the streak.. let the deadman retire twenty and zero and let him ride of into the sunset.. he earned his streak and the guys in the back know it... and if i hear dolph zigglers name again im gonna fucking puke.. god whats wring with the internet community? some of yall wouldnt know talent if it dropkicked you and youre ready to pass the torches to the likes of zack ryder and dolph ziggles? insane......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sourman
    By the way John Cena is 32 and The Undertaker is 46, therefore how am i missing the point of giving it to someone younger... Really???
    You are completely missing his point. What would be the point in Cena ending the streak? There isn't one. Taker should never lose the streak, his place as a legend secure he should retire with it intact, he deserves it. But what The Brown One was saying is that it is widely accepted that if Taker were to lose the streak, it would be to an up and coming main eventer, like Wade or Dolph, to really make their careers and give them that final extra push. Not someone like Cena, who has been at the top of the company since 2005.
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    By the way John Cena is 32 and The Undertaker is 46, therefore how am i missing the point of giving it to someone younger... Really???
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    Quote Originally Posted by blink
    It's not exactly a streak if he takes a year off from defending it. A streak is several wins in a row... Not periodically.

    It is a streak at The Wrestlemania Event, not a monthly streak, and since missing Wrestlemania 2000 the guy has defend it for 10 years, so it is a Streak.

    Your logic really doesn't make sense since the event is held once a year, if he would have taken 2 or three years you could have been right but it is not the case.

    While the idea is not bad for me It has too much drama, the thing with the Screen and Kane is just too much but hey, at least is an idea on how to play something like that in a different way.
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    In response to the brown one's comments- what exactly have Barrett and Seamus accomplished in their careers that warrant them being given the single best accomplishment available today, ending the streak?

    Barrett was the leader of the Nexus, who basically made his cronies attack people and then he gave his finisher after the person couldnt get up. Cena ran him out of Nexus and destroyed him. Yes, he is great on the mic but his accent and mean scowl are not enough to be given the honor of breaking the streak.

    Seamus- he is a machine but what has he done besides derail HHH's career. he has been swithced from heel to face, and I smell another heel turn, I don't see the WWE putting all of their stock in Seamus.

    Based on my blog, I was stating the idea that I read from everyone on here. What is a better way to turn Cena heel and end the streak, using the current format of Kane turning Cena heel. John Cena has busted his ass for 10 years in the WWE and if you remember the point of Wrestlemania 18. Hogan passing the torch to the Rock, who then left for Hollywood. Cena sees this as Rock passing the torch to him, however if Rock wins that will fuel an anger for Cena to get the biggest torch available: THE STREAK
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