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  1. Heels or Faces? How about a Tweener Stable

    Afternoon folks!!!! This is my second blog posting.... I chose a topic in which I see in the forums alot on this website, but added an idea that I think would make the WWE more interesting than it has been of late... We talk constantly about things like : Will Cena turn heel? or Is the Big Show a better face or heel? In addition brand separation has gotten watered down IMO with the "supershows" ...

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  2. The Logic Behind Ending The Streak

    I read all of the blog's about the streak and I am sorry I am adding to the fray but one thing sticks out in my mind when I think is what is a better move for the Future of the WWE:

    A: Giving the Undertaker the Ability to win at Wrestlemania 28 to move the streak to 20-0 or,

    B: Ending the streak and giving Undertaker's opponent the title as the biggest star in the WWE. ...

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