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  1. San-The-Beast's Avatar
    awesome blog man seriously I love dean Ambrose if WWE pushes him to the roster and keep his persona he will be great hall of fame status be cause he's so fresh people will love him

    @Melevolent 27 I saw that a few weeks back it was an amazing match and Ambrose promos are amazing
  2. machoo mann's Avatar
    No I haven't, guess I'll check it out soon as I can! He will be seen in WWE programming soon, but please not NXT. It's true that these guys need some exposure of some sort before debuting in the main shows but NXT is truly a D-class show from WWE, although it has some good wrestling in it. Also there has been some complaints about Dean Ambrose being too generic name to go on. Which I really don't agree. Name doesn't make a wrestler, even Steve Austin is a quite generic name when you look into it. When we are talking about second and third generation superstars, that's a whole new ballgame.
  3. Melevolent 27's Avatar
    machoo mann have you seen the cm punk vs dean ambrose match youtube vid? very entertaining! this guy needs to invade nxt or something, he is great.
  4. Marx's Avatar
    Amrbose, Seth Rollins and others playing around in FCW make me feel positive about the future of (WWE)wrestling. We're in a transitional phase, WWE retired quite a few names, and these guys will come in and fill the blanks.
  5. machoo mann's Avatar
    Thanks a lot! I'm also a quite new Dean Ambrose mark and what I forgot to mention is the great fued with Regal he's had/having. It speaks great volumes if a veteran like Regal comes to FCW to have a program with Ambrose.
  6. RatedATB's Avatar
    Nice read man! I'm a huge Dean Ambrose mark, I love his character and I hope he keeps it when he moves onto the main roster. Of course his match with Rollins is great, it's too bad we couldn't get it in front of a larger crowd. To me he's everything a great wrestler should be...great in the ring, great on the mic, and makes his character believable.
  7. machoo mann's Avatar
    You have valid points there and I also believe that back in the day guys had much more work-ethic but then again, what makes a "sports entertainer" nowadays and what made a professional wrestler during the 'good ol days'? I haven't really followed wrestling from the 'good ol days' but it's true what you said; nowadays it's maybe too comfy, no real fire under the ass like HBK, Hart or Hogan had. No real will to get elevated to the next level. But really, times have changed drastically and pro wrestling has changed with it. Also the ratings-oriented environment is truly hurting the product and wrestlers as a whole. If something doesn't work right away, it's dropped or scrapped. No continuity whatsoever. But thats a different matter and yeah you're right in your own aspect. But still there must be something behind the lousy work-ethic.
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