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  1. Dub p's Avatar
    The belts do look weak as hellno
  2. Rockstar83's Avatar
    I just hate how The WWE Tag Team Titles look now
  3. Slivon's Avatar
    Cody Rhodes restored value to The Intercontinental Championship and The Rhodes Scholars will restore value to the Tag Team Championships and the Tag Team Division.
  4. tealc16's Avatar
    AW got released for comments regarding Linda's senate run, also saying the Kobe Bryant rape joke on raw had something to do with it too.
  5. Spankyspank22's Avatar
    I completely.agree with you on thee Usos they should have been tag champs by now, and quite honestly I'm quite high on "international Airstrike" (Gabriel and Kidd)
    They actually have a fair bit of chemistry and I hope they go far in the tag division
  6. Crow's Avatar
    I still dont see it looking that good just by clumping random people together and using Kane and DB as comedy how is that glory?? Make Cesaro Lose the title bring up Ohno and bring the Kings Of Wrestling and then i will give a shit.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    The Kane/Daniel Bryan team of "Hell No" is obviously just a comedy skit. Don't take what's going to be a very short-lived spurt of the tag team division too seriously. They'll abandon it before it ever really gets off the ground.
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