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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I read both parts of this blog. And it's an interesting idea. I'm sure everyone wonders what things would be like with these guys in the other company. However, what I didn't like is you want TNA's Top 5 Guys in WWE, and then midcard Wade Barrett, comic act Daniel Bryan, and unused, unaccomplished non-superstars to TNA.

    If the point is swapping, then go with the 5 you have going to WWE and then, Miz, Cody Rhodes, and Sheamus to go along with DB and Barrett, to TNA. Just saying.

    Good blog.
  2. Drae's Avatar
    Note: The people I choose to be on my WWE and TNA list are Wrestlers that have never been to the rival company.

    Once again I must point out an error in your blog. Evan Bourne competed with TNA in 2004 and 2005 using his ring name Matt Sydal. He wrested at the Victory Road PPV in a 20-man X-Division Gauntlet for the Gold match in 2004.
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  3. Drae's Avatar
    Note: The people I choose to be on my WWE and TNA list are Wrestlers that have never been to the rival company.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but one of your top 5 and a couple of your honorable mentions have appeared in WWE.
    AJ Styles was signed to a developmental contract with WWE in 2002 and competed several times on WWF Jakked.
    Christopher Daniels wrestled in the WWE from 1998 through 2001. He wrestled on Sunday Night Heat and also on Jakked. He was also one half of the tag team Los Conquistadores.
    Matt Morgan got his start through the WWE. He competed on the 2nd season on the original Tough Enough. He was a very early favorite to win until he had to withdraw due to injury. He later competed on Smackdown in two separate stints with the main roster between 2003 and 2005.
    Velvet Sky also appeared on WWE television several times. She even wrestled on WWE heat in a match against Victoria (Tara in TNA) in 2005.
  4. LostOmega's Avatar
    The only person on the list who could possibly go anywhere is Austin Aries and maybe Samoa Joe. Austin Aries would probably have a good run considering the way the Punk's paved. Samoa Joe would have to probably change his gimmick up to be more "Samoan". The rest of the list would go nowhere in the WWE. They're all too old and their careers have already been made in TNA.
  5. Tyler Durden.'s Avatar
    The only one from that list that would have any chance of succeeding in WWE is Bobby Roode, and it's likely he would just end up as a mid-carder, in TNA he's the top heel, I can't see him giving that up to take a chance in WWE.

    James Storm would be completely repackaged as his gimmick is too similar to Stone Cold, plus it's too stereotypical, pretty sure he would flop in WWE and he knows it, he's got a good thing going in TNA and won't give that up anytime soon.

    AJ Styles is small with bland mic skills. For how his career in WWE would pan out see Evan Bourne.

    Samoa Joe has weight problems and attitude issues. WWE have no interest in him.

    Austin Aries is too small and would have to tone down his style. Would be a low-card jobber at best, is a top guy in TNA, why would he leave that to appear on Superstars in WWE.
  6. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KingWade
    Barrett and Bryan will probably both hold main event gold in WWE by the end of 2014 so i definitely disagree there. Maybe have Kofi on the list instead.
    Kofi was the first guy I thought of that should go to TNA.
  7. KingWade's Avatar
    I disagree with the guy above. Roode, Aries and Styles would have every chance of making it in WWE. Particularly Aries and Roode. They are great heels and the WWE roster is thin in that department. I would like all of these guys in WWE personally but TNA would have a pretty shit roster if you swapped these guys with the wrestlers you have proposed from WWE.
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