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  1. Is Daniel Bryan the next big thing?

    Is Daniel Bryan the next big thing

    Yo people! im back but whith this blog about the American dragon Daniel Bryan.I had to do a lot of research about his life before WWE,so I might have left out some stuff or not metioned them.

    Recap on his wrestling life before in WWE

    He is a former Ring of Honor Champion(15 month title reign)while being champion ...

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  2. My pick of should've been world champ by now

    My pick of should've been champs by now

    This is my first blog so don't be to hard on me if my blog has something you really disagree on

    Mark Henry

    This man debuted in 1997, the only titles he won was the european and ecw championship and only won them once (fast forward 14 years) for the first time in his life hes the number 1 contender for the ...
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