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    The way I always look at it is this: If it's an intelligent thought, then there is no shame in it. It doesn't matter how popular or unpopular and opinion is, it's all in the way it is presented. I don't really post new blogs anymore, but when I did, I encouraged and welcomed both the positive and the negative feedback. The only catch is that I was always respectful in how I got my point across, and I would ask people commenting to do the same. I come to this site to read about things going on in wrestling because I am a wrestling fan and have been since the mid 80's. I can't stand when people can't contribute anything more than just "YOU SUCK" and "F U" etc etc. I say unless you actually have something worth while to contribute to the discussion, just keep your mouth shut.
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    Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it I feel a lot better about posting this now.
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    Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it I feel a lot better about posting this now.
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    Forget what all these haters are saying. I posted a blog months ago talking about guys who weren't being used properly, and in it I mentioned what they could be doing with Mark Henry. I got so blasted for that idea that it almost made me want to just give up on the blogs, but fast forward to today and you see WWE doing exactly what I suggested. AND IT IS WORKING!!!! What a shock! Anyway, I'm with you on pretty much all these guys except for Matt Hardy. I've never had a high opinion of him, and it isn't anything personal. It's just that in all his years, he's never actually proven himself. When I was live in attendance at WM 25 and saw him beat Jeff, it was the closest I ever saw him get to being something. But it took no time for that to just float away into nothing. Chavo was another one I mentioned in my blog that earned me a lot of heat. The main reason people gave me shit was because I had the balls to say the simple fact that inside the ring Chavo was just as good as Eddie. Now, I admit that Eddie had all the character and charisma, but Chavo had every bit the amount of wrestling skills as his uncle. I wish him the best. And all these haters who are bashing Kaslov must have short term memory loss. You are absolutely right about what he was like when he first came out. I loved his persona. He kept it real. He had the plain tights, no music, and a mean streak that wouldn't quit. The dude was a machine. He was like the closet thing to a real life Ivan Drago that the WWE could have put together. The potential for this guy would've been great. I'm not saying he should've been champ, but he definitely had what it took to make it to the number 1 contender spot and put over a face in a strong PPV main event. Alright, well this isn't my blog, so I'm not going to keep on. Despite the obvious grammatical errors, I really did enjoy the read. Thanks man. WWWYKI
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    Koslov lol the rest deserve it
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    of all those wrestlers...I would say Regal would have been the one to rock the championship, he might have even had a good run, after he won the king of the ring, if he didn't fail another drug test. Since then he lost out on that shot.
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    idont mean to be a hater but you should really proof read before posting cause this seemed to have a lot of errors and i 100% disagree with you saying vertans shouldn't lose to yyoung superstars because thats one way young stars make a name for them selfes and if vets arnt gonna help young stars then they should retire
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