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  1. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    Grammer and spell checks are required my friend. Other than that, a damn fine read
  2. searle's Avatar
    id say maybe regal and henry, henry couldnt pull off having belt for too long tho, hes not great on the mic, i think its same for chavo, kozlov and hardy, i mean the crap hardy was spewing out of his mouth in tna before he got released was shocking, its basically down to the mic skills, none of them apart from regal could keep an audience interested.
  3. NigelBarks's Avatar
    yeah mark henry with the whc title wud be whatever, but not the companys actual top prestigious title (WWE), chavo guerrero? no comment. matt hardy was like marty jannety while jeff was hbk
  4. ArtfulDodger's Avatar
    The only one that I can really agree with is Regal.

    Mark Henry - Maybe. I personally liked his Silver Back gimmick. Is he a great wrestler? Not really, but I think he would have make an ok heel champ.

    Vladamir - I liked it when he would come to the ring with just the white light, and no music. If they had found a way for him to get real good heat, then yes, throw the strap on him as a transitional champ for a couple of months. But after his "streak" was broken, then no.

    Chavo - Was never really a fan for a push to the mainevent. Just couldn't really see it, unless he was feuding with Rey.

    Matt Hardy - Haven't been a fan of his since the early Hardy Boyz days. I think its because his voice annoys me lol.

    Good blog, these are just my opinions.

    - Artful by name, Dodger by nature
  5. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by neotamagachi
    idont mean to be a hater but you should really proof read before posting cause this seemed to have a lot of errors and i 100% disagree with you saying vertans shouldn't lose to yyoung superstars because thats one way young stars make a name for them selfes and if vets arnt gonna help young stars then they should retire

    Mate, if you're going to knock the kids spelling and sentence structure, then mention proof reading, the least you can do is proof read what you've written!!
  6. madnonsense's Avatar
    I would like to see Mark Henry win for the WHC. He will make Ron Simmons happy.

    Vladimir Kozlov, he's a joke. Had a short stint with WWE. No way WWE will push him to championship status

    William Regal had a chance when he was with WCW, but they feel he wasn't ready to be a championship status either. So why bother doing it in WWE.

    Chavo Guerrero, I was hoping for WWE creative team to have him win the IC or US belt, but not the type of wrestler to win either the WWE or WHC belt.

    Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy can take more bumps than Matt Hardy. That is why WWE promote Jeff Hardy for a push for WWE championship.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    William Regal is still my fav westler..I always expected a World Title reign for him..he's the most under rated superstar in history of Pro-Wrestling...

    Mark henry deserves few more championships like IC or US..but not WHC...same with Chavo..

    When MAtt Destroyed Kane in Lita angle, I felt he'll become the World champ..but somehow he missed it n that the end for him...

    They mt have used Vladimir better!!

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