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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    I guess ADR, Sheamus n CMP are already multi time champs...

    I doubt WWE will allow Bryan to become a multi-time champ...

    Even Benoit was allowed only I don think Bryan will do it..

    Bryan is a gr8 talent..but, I don think WWE will make him a multi time champ!!!
  2. bearsfantildeath's Avatar
    ya how bout cody? whoever doesnt see his time coming doesnt know what wrestling is all about. hes got it all, look, name, skills, mic, and a good charicter that can grow and change
  3. Theicon's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan........ not a chance lol
  4. Champ's Avatar
    Very good picks. I doubt we'll ever see Henry holding a title more than once, though, as he will likely be retiring in the near future. As deadly56 said, Alex Riley would be a good candidate to become a future multi-time champ as well, as long as WWE doesn't keep him on Superstars and allow him to become lost in the shuffle! That would be a total shame.
  5. Gabriel_Blaze's Avatar
    Rhodes! Nuff said
  6. Erroneous Fool's Avatar
    You forgot Cena... hes going to be the first guy to 100.
  7. deadly56's Avatar
    great choices...what do you think about Alex Riley? That guy has it.

    Knox I actually thought about him while making this blog and for me it is to early to say whether or not he is World champion material.Anything could happen in WWE for him right now, so far like nosellshogan said its not looking very bright, remember he is young he could still turn it around.Thanks for the feedback on my blog anyway.
    Updated 10-16-2011 at 01:38 PM by deadly56
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