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  1. Jags's Avatar
    It's a good blog, little hard to read though.

    I agree with your points, just make sure the next time you devide the blog into sections to make it easier to read.
  2. Slickman69's Avatar
    MITB has run it's course. It's always the same. The champion just went through a ruthless match, came out on top and now the MITB winner is running out and pins him in 30 seconds. The first time Edge did this, it was gold but since then it has gotten ridiculous, just continues to devalue the titles. The main things that used to get people over, was either giving them a manager who used to manage a big star (great example is when they teamed up HBK with Sherri), or just letting them do their own thing on the mic. The reason why guys don't get over now is because everything they say on the mic comes from the writers and not from the wrestlers themselves.
  3. sexyboy14's Avatar
    Nice blog, but in future check your grammar and spelling. I found it kind of hard to read.
  4. Tall's Avatar
    I think King of the Ring should return. If someone like Dolph Ziggler was to win that, even if they didn't win the title match they could still use the momentum to stay as a main event wrestler.

    MITB matches help at the moment. Look at The Miz last year. He won MITB, got a victory over a beat down Randy Orton and held the title for almost six months. Perfectly smooth transition from mid carder to main eventer which got him heat which is great for any heel.
  5. thetheme's Avatar
    The jizz should have never won the title in the first place and I hope that he never gets another world title, let alone any other title. So I hope that the jizzing truth doesn't get the tag belts. Lets focus on others like Cody, Wade, Henry, Dolph, Del Rio and maybe Truth for world title runs.
  6. Chaston80's Avatar
    I see Cody Rhodes having a multi runs with the WWE title. But I only see this happening with Rhodes as a heel. He is quickly becoming a great heel.
    The Miz has proven himself to me and should do multi title runs as well.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    I feel Cody has a gr8 chance to be in the league...n also Ziggler....

    But, I Personally want to see Barret becoming a multi-time Champ!!!
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