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    Great read bro, keep it up. I'm a big fan of punk and i know any of these are possible EXCEPT the heel part, but its good
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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior

    First, why turn Punk heel? It does nothing
    it does everything, face punk does not draw in fact he looses viewers. heel punk we saw in the summer was the one who drew fans not the current babyface one. Hence why turning punk heel would help draw fans and develop his character that he is supposed to be. keeping punk face just is going to loose more viewers.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good write up. I have a few thoughts though that may not agree with yours.

    First, why turn Punk heel? It does nothing. Second, does it really matter who gets drafted where? Raw is a Supershow anyway. So, whoever is on Smackdown is the one who has to do double duty. More than likely, that would be Sheamus as he needs to get over more. Therefore, it's easy to figure out that Jericho won't be winning the title, if they plan on drafting the titles to different shows. Jericho isn't gonna do double duty. We saw that two weeks ago and he only did via satellite stuff since.

    I do agree with possible interference. While I ignored it in my WM predictions blog, it should be noted that Christian's interference could be a huge possibility. I think it would be a bad move on all accounts, but always possible.
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    ok. so here are my thoughts. I don't see Punk purposely getting himself DQed at Mania, if anything he would be beating the living shit out of Jericho and disregard the ref because he wants to make Jericho feel pain and gets DQed by that. Thing is though, I don't see that happening. After the shitty ending to the WWE title match last year, I see this one ending in a pinfall or submission. I think Punk is going to pull out the win just to get over Jericho after all of Jerichos comments. Depending on who is champion after Mania, i can see the WHC and WWE champions switching and going to the other brands. I can see Cena jumping back into the title scene after Mania, but I don't see him winning it until around Summerslam, Survivor Series time. Who i see Punk feuding with this year are the likes of D-Bry like you said, i could see Christian and that would be a good feud, I could see Kane, and possibly Wade Barrett depending on if punk is moved or Barrett is moved in the draft. Anyways, good read dude. Keep it up!
  5. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Good read...questions tho'?

    Where do HHH, Taker, ROCK fit!?
  6. Final_Silence's Avatar
    I would have had DB off the list and Miz at 2 then add Rhodes. And take Kane off and add Ziggler, Kane hasn't really got a heel push yet considering most people don't like Cena. And for faces, I would remove Ryder and have a tie with Show and Marella.
  7. RockerDropper's Avatar
    Agree... I think Rhodes and Barrett should be up there. Orton needs to go back to being a heel. That's his niche.
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