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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    I don't watch Smackdown, but this is a nice way to keep up!
  2. B-ri's Avatar
    Nice blog man, I really enjoyed Smackdown for a change, thought the tag match was great!
  3. magglis's Avatar
    Nice a smackdown review,good job
  4. bryanb1306's Avatar
    I just wanted to point out that Alberto del Rio's microphone skills made Rey Mysterio's promo skills sound amazing. Rey Freaking Mysterio! That's how you know Del Rio desperately needs to improve in that department.
  5. sret's Avatar
    Smackdown has been good lately and I'm glad somebody's finally reviewing it. It's a shame that you wont do it every week though and I wish you would've started the other week with the great Sheamus vs Jericho match. I also wish you wouldn't use blue, it was a bit too much and got annoying to read. Try to mix it up or something.
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    "SummerSlam mach between AJ and Kane"
    Son, that be a Russo idea!

    On the font: I think it gave it a more Smackdown-y felling, I liked it
  7. akbar's Avatar
    -Yes I like this, I've needed a regular Smackdown reviewer.
    -Plus I think the blue font was a nice little touch.
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