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The Sheep

  1. WrestleMania matches that should have happened

    In the history of WrestleMania there have been amazing 5 star matches that we will remember forever. from Hulk v Andre to HBK v Hart to Rock v Hogan to HBK v Taker.

    However with this years dissapointment with the dream match between Sting and Taker, and the fact that The Rock is not going one on one with Cena, makes me look back and thin of other Mania match ups over the years had ...
  2. Possible Mania Line Up

    Here is a list of the best possible options in my opinion to make this years mania card.

    Undertaker V Sting:
    I realize this is a long shot, but as of public knowledge Sting is a free agent, and honestly who wouldn't buy Mania for that match alone.

    Undertaker v Tripple H:
    This is a better possibility. we know HHH is returning any time now. I just can't imagine ...

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