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  1. body slam's Avatar
    As a christian the idea does not bother me. I honestly don't think it would be as big of deal as some of you are making it out to be. It would be cheap heat until the atheist wrestler takes loss and gets lost in the mid card shuffle.
  2. RoadWarrior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    I love how the IWC think cheap heat is bad lmao. Everyone does cheap heat.
    Everyone does cheap heat you say? Exactly my point. There's no effort trying to get cheap heat. The real skill comes from being such a great heal that you don't even have to say a word and people hate you. You fuckin retard.
  3. KJ PUNK's Avatar
    I just wouldn't work at all. Advertisers would shit bricks if that happened, just like with the Hassan stuff. Just look at what happened when Raven "crucified" Sandman. It would've killed ECW if it had aired.
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    Good read. I am a Christian myself and love the views from both sides. Makes for intresting debates. However, I think the WWE has had some athiest storylines and characters. Wasn't Undertakers' "Ministry of Darkness" kind of a portrayl? Or the Brood? Or maybe the time Vince called himself better than God? Maybe i'm wrong but just thought I'd ask.
  5. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    If done right I think it could work. I mean Taker did some pretty edgy stuff in his career, though a lot of it was in the AE. I think crucifixions and "Satans favorite demon" would be far more offensive to Christians than an atheist. But we are in a different era so I don't know. I'm a Christian and this kind of stuff doesn't offend me. And since it was brought up, I think the Muhammad Hassan character was awesome, as was the storyline. To this day I'm still surprised Vince caved so easily and killed him off.
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    Personally, I don't think it would work - WWE is currently upping its international status, running all over the world where numerous different religions are practiced. If we talk about Christianity, you're eliminating some of that support.

    PLUS, people would become beyond angry if Christianity was criticized. I know this from class debates. There would be death threats.

    Finally, WWE, in booking the matches, would have no choice but to show favoritism to one of the two viewpoints. They can't do that. Being kid oriented, and global, they have to be neutral on subjects like that. If they were to bring religion into the context, the media would jump on that, and wrestling's status would decrease even more.
  7. Ahmed Jens Ben Arfa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    I actually disliked it and felt a bit too much...I cheered Hassan's character even though I'm an atheist...
    Well,we're all humans after all,a religious wall must never exist between Muslims,Christians and atheist(and every other religions),well at least that what I think if only other people would understand such a think,our world would be a lot better
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