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  1. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    I am glad I am not watching this one! Sounds more like,,,Night of Chumpions! The only reason I would watch would be to end the Punk, Axel, Paulie feud so Punk can move on to taking on the Corporation!
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Some of these are just predictions, not necessarily bold ones. Are you sure RVD losing is a bold prediction? There has been a lack of build and Del Rio is a WWE favorite. Personally, I am rooting for RVD and expect him to win via DQ to cause a rematch at Over the Limit.

    Edit: missed the last paragraph of the first comment, very similar to my opening sentence.
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  3. Cross's Avatar
    I always love your predictions. Btw, Doritos totally stole bold from you. Gimmick Infringement!

    Anyways, I can see all of these happening to be honest, Kane returning less out of all of them, but still can see it happen.

    Match of the Night to Del Rio & RVD? Yep, it is going to happen. Due to the terrible lack of character of ADR and the horrendous build to their match, they will put on a PPV worthy match. It's wierd. Anytime I see Del Rio on like Raw or Smackdown I am bored, but when he is in a PPV Match I am pretty excited to see it.

    Although some of these do not seem necessarily bold, I do agree with majority actually happening. Thanks for the entertaining blogs.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't believe many of these bold predictions will come true.

    Jericho siding with Heyman makes 0 sense if you ask me. He is finally a babyface, now he is going to turn heel? I don't believe that will happen.

    Paul won't betray Axel after just becoming his manager. As for Punk, who knows....I hope they just build to the split up instead of making it a 1 night thing.

    I got Axel winning the IC title. What will another Miz IC title run do? Axel + IC title=ppv matches.

    AJ/Kaitlyn shouldn't be.....if AJ fails to win, it will be. Good, bad, whatever type of match. The fans will be in to the match.They were into Kaitlyn's match on SD. Just imagine Payback....

    Well it makes sense and it doesn't for Cody to turn on Sandow. The way each have been built based on singles performance.

    I agree neither Orton or Bryan will turn heel.
  5. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    I like the wyatt vs orton
  6. baj's Avatar
    Fun predictions. I think that Axel will attack Punk. If they want him to be a monster heel, have him attack a returning Punk in Punk's home town. That would be a great way to get some heat for Axel. They shouldn't waste the heat on a part-time Jericho. Also, I think Orton will turn on Bryan. Is there a better way for Orton to gain instant heat than attacking the most popular guy on the roster right now?
  7. Greekcian's Avatar
    I always love these predictions. Out of the ten I don't think number 7 will happen (at least I hope not), Axel seems to be the front runner to take the title and I value Barrett's chance to retain higher than Miz winning.

    One more thing: Well I got a bold prediction of my own!
    Wyatt family debut after the tag title match, take out Randy Orton.
    (See what I did there?)
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