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    Quote Originally Posted by nothingmusic42
    Nash is still pissed Rey Mysterio beat him in WCW.
    Also cos:

    . wwe (mainly rock and austin alone) destroyed wcw in the ratings (causing wcw to go out of business) qnd made the so called best stable in the business, the nwo look like trailer park trash when they came to wwe
    . punk absolutely destroyed him on the mic
    .now the shield are by far now considered the most dominant and best stable in history
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    Nash is still pissed Rey Mysterio beat him in WCW.
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    Nice blog, I wasn't aware that all of those names you listed were 6ft or less. Nash, although he has had much success, is notorious for dumb comments. What do you expect from a guy whose best friends are Waltman and Hall? I like Sabin, but his title win was a bit rushed. He really reminds me of Daniel Bryan for some reason, almost like TNA wanted to beat WWE to the punch before DB wins at SS.
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    Good blog.

    I'm in favour of the smaller guys gettin top spots, Nothing worse then seeing a big storyline ending with 2 400 pound men putting on a 2 star match.
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    "Can you imagine it? Adults saying they have no clue who Steve Austin is??" Yeah. This looks like it might be a disaster, the world will fall into depression.
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    It's natural for new generations to forget/never know some aspects of older generations. My nephew who is 12 didn't know who Marlon Brando was, but probably knows Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne. However we're in the digital age, so they can easily access info or videos about anyone at anytime. I don't see it as a major issue at all. Good blog.
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    you are absolutely right they have this break down of what they should be and do face/heel then they have the tweener who u stated has the most depth which i agree i know not everyone can be this guy or girl but they have the potential to be great some heels are better then others and faces do take time to emerge and get over with the crowd but put Jericho / face and D bryan/ face in a match and you have magic that is all about the wrestling and none about the story entertainment just great wrestling to which a lot of people would rather see any day of the week again good job
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