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  1. weems's Avatar
    Great blog. Best blog I have read on this site in months. I have a few comments to make:

    First, you ask if TNA should go back to the Impact Zone. Absolutely not. Don't get me wrong, I could care less if TNA stays on the road or not. However, if they are going to pick an arena as their "home base" it sure as hell does not need to be the one in Orlando. Sorry Floridians, but the fans in Orlando do not add anything to the show. TNA needs to go to a wrestling city where they attract the same 3,000 fans every week. For example, the same 2,000 or so fans showed up every week at the ECW arena. These fans created an atmosphere that helped elevate the product. I would love for this to happen with TNA.

    Second, TNA claims to be an alternative product to WWE. At one time it was a true alternative because WWE did not have a 6 sided ring, X Division, quality women wrestling, quality tag-team wrestling or a roster composed of guys primarily in their 20's. Unfortunately, all of these things that defined TNA as an alternative are now gone. As a result, TNA has just become a carbon copy of WWE's product, but significantly worse. There is nothing "alternative" about TNA anymore.

    Third, I will disagree with you regarding TNA still being watchable based on last week's promo with Dixie Carter and AJ Styles. As the owner of the company, Dixie comes out and tells AJ that he no longer has 5 star matches (apparently she doesn't follow the product or know what a 5 star match looks like), describes AJ as marginal (even though he just won the bound for glory series) and that he would be in a trailer park if it wasn't for her (as if he couldn't earn money in another promotion). While Dixie is attempting to be the evil heel, I think that once again, she came off as a dumb bitch that has no idea about anything in the wrestling business.

  2. Speezy88's Avatar
    Dude I totally agree with you. Especially the idea of bringing back the six-sided ring as well as thier innovative concepts like the King Of The Mountain match and World X Cup. Honestly I was highly disappointed in the Bound For Glory Series. That went over worse than previous years that I've seen it. Honestly, I wish they would find these guys like Sonjay Dutt, Brian Kendrick, and others who would randomly show up for ROH and bring them back to TNA. Imagine a guy like Paul London in TNA doing the X-Division. Man the days of guys like Elix Skipper doing the cage walk hurricanrana, AJ Styles vs Chis Daniels vs Samoa Joe, and tag teams like America's Most Wanted, Team Canada, Motor City Machine Guns, and Lethal Consequences are gone. It's really sad.
  3. kylos's Avatar
    Oh, by no means do I believe that TNA has been completely unwatchable (although in parts of 2010 it was), as they still have some very good matches on TV and PPV, just that the product used to be even better and "cool". Now I see so much negativity towards TNA because of the mistakes they have made, and hopefully they just go back to basics and make the product as good as it used to be or better.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    I agree that TNA has worsened in the last couple of years, and I also agree that there are many reasons/people to blame. However, did I expect it to get better and better and better as time went on? No way. Look at WWE from Summer 2012 to WM 29, some of the worst stuff IMO that I've ever seen, but it's managed to get way better.

    I feel like all I'm reading lately in the forums and blogs is the same stuff about TNA. I'm not telling people what to do (and don't get me wrong I liked this blog), but it's like the whole "we're sick of Cena" thing: a futile attempt to vent our frustrations. Don't worry, it will either A: eventually improve in quality again or B: deteriorate to the point where they go out of business and we won't have to worry about it anymore. Probably choice A.

    Either way, I think TNA, as it is right now, is still a very watchable program. I find it very close to the same level as RAW and easily better than SD. The last few TV ppvs contained better matches than I've seen on WWE TV in years. Besides the Cena Punk match before WM, there is almost no other memorable TV match this year that comes to mind from WWE, but I could list a dozen from TNA. Also, their actual ppvs are worth watching as well, and often better than those of WWE. Just sayin... but hey, maybe the next commenter will disagree.
  5. weems's Avatar
    Anyone remember when Stevie Ray was announcing for WCW? Just abysmal. Thank goodness he never made it to the commentary table for WWE or TNA.
  6. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    Semi-relevant side note - what about the standard of ring announcing? Hemme or Borash? Roberts or Garcia?
  7. Ace Lancaster's Avatar
    Very good blog sir! I do like the idea of Regal as a commentator but I think he'd be best used as a GM. When he was the RAW GM he was incredibly entertaining. Oh you missed Booker T but I guess he was only doing it temporarily but either way he was horrible. When Punk was out with an injury I really enjoyed his commentating work. Very very entertaining.
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