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    Now i understand why Bruno Samartino makes fun of Hogan, Bishoff, and Flair. Becuase they are idiots who wont leave wrestling alone because they need money for divorces. Hopefully something good comes put of these rants.
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    You are absolutely correct in your assessment. I am a huge TNA fan but the shows themselves are almost unwatchable anymore. TNA has alot of major talent and I would even put their roster against the E' anytime. I get so dissapointed when I watch the show and out comes Hogan, Flair, Dbag Eric, and even Garrett. Although Jarrett would wrestle and run the company he could still WRESTLE. The old guys have got to go and give the air time back to the talent.

    You look at the roster and see Samoa Joe and AJ Styles working mid card matches and I am embarrassed for the company. RVD, Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and any more WWE retreads should have catapulted this company but they just replaced the guys that TNA had established. I really think they need to bring back Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, 6 sided ring, real X division, and even Jarrett!

    About the best thing that TNA has going for it is the Knockouts division. Not only are these woman gorgeous but they can actually wrestle and are allowed to wrestle. It is nowhere near the bimbos that the E trots out there to work the 3 minute match. This would be the one thing that TNA has done right IMO.

    As far as Steiner ranting on twitter he is completely and utterly right. Hogan and Bichoff have ruined TNA and the guys in the back do not want to step on them. Neither had any legitimate arguments to Steiner.
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    I'm with knox. I didn't take Steiner's rants seriously but now, you showed me that what Steiner has been saying is pretty much accurate. When Steiner stated that AJ Styles got buried by Hogan & Eric because he didn't want to dye his hair blond, I knew it was true because when you think about it, that was right around the time AJ Styles lost his TNA World title to RVD on free TV and fell in the mid-card division ever since. Great blog again kylos!
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    I gotta give you props for this blog man you really educated me on a subject I paid no attention to. I remember Clark posted the first post about Steiner's ranting and I read that one post. Then I started to see Clark post a new Steiner rant like 3 times a day and I never bothered to read any of them.

    I seen the post about Hogan getting the law involved and I immediately took his side. Then I read your entire blog word for word and seen the things Steiner actually said and dude was 100% right about everything he said and it seems genuine.

    Steiner says he was all about the young guys getting a push. Everything he say's makes sense especially the part about them telling RVD & Hardy to go to the ring with Garrett so he doesn't get booed.

    And dude, I gotta say we see completely 100% eye to eye in every single word you said in the conclusion. Hats off to you. The 6 sided ring was a selling point, you don't get rid of that and make yourself just like the competition.

    I was damn proud to be a fan and talk about TNA from 2005-2009. It was great stuff. When Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles were the three top guys in TNA, it was great compelling television and ratings might have not been high but it was great television. Also, I loved when Jeff Jarrett was running things.

    But when Hogan & Bischoff came in, the cancer effect took place. They ran a company that I used to love straight to the ground and to be honest it makes me wanna slap the shit out of Hogan. LEAVE THE DAMN SPORT ALONE HOGAN. Please stay the hell away from ROH but I know Jim Cornette is smart enough to not let Hogan dab his hands in that.

    Once again thanks for educating me on this subject. All this time I thought Steiner was being a prick until I read this. Thanks and keep blogging my friend.
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    Great blog, actually very spot on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JLionsault
    Thank you, really just thank you. This is spot on. This is the Cena blog to end all Cena blogs.
    We can only hope that this is correct...
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    One of the best actually....the best John Cena blog I've read on this site. I have seen others say the good, and bad about Cena but you did it the most well explained, and nonjudgmental. Alright, maybe you was a little biased, but you still gave useful points. Well done, I hope you take the time to do a blog soon.
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