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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Thank You...Thank You....THANK YOU.
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    First off, thank you. When i read both Benoit blogs, the first thing that I thought was someone needed to do a neutral Benoit blog. I thought about doing it, but I didn't feel I could do it justice. You did sir. This was a very well written blog, and a great way to cap off the topic of Benoit and lay it to rest again for a while. I especially like the way you ended it, because, when it comes down to it, it is based on a persons perception of Benoit, if he was a murderer or a victim of the profession he chose. Great blog bro! Great blog
  3. Gazman Savage's Avatar
    Great article and highlights how little support was in place to support wrestlers who live a life that most people will never understand.
    The cries for help were there but the support was not and sadly Benoit and his family were victims of a system that places money over there employees.
    I really think wrestling should take the lead of boxing and really put in more checks with regards to mental as well physical health.
    May he be better understood and less demonised.
    RIP Benoit Family


    It hurts to be fan and see idols slip by the way and lets hope Jake Roberts or Scott Hall do not follow the sad path of other great wrestlers that are no more.
  4. Kuroudo93's Avatar
    Let no more be said on the Chris Benoit matter. This blog summed it up Perfectly, it could not be put better. I personally agree that it was not cold blooded murder, and with that in mind. RIP the Benoit family.
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Well like you, My Grandfather had dementia, He got so bad we had to put him in a home. My Grandfather died because he forgot how to breath. Now lets look at this logically, If Benoit had dementia, How could he fly from town to town, Rent cars, Remember times and dates, Book reservations, Remember wrestling moves and choreography. It doesn't make much sense, people with dementia can not plan out murders weeks in advance. He wrote in a bible he gave to his children who are still living and ex wife "I'm Planning to leave this world". Someone with that advanced case of dementia would not be able to do something like that. My Grandfather was so bad at 60 years old you couldn't have a conversation with him let alone perform in a wrestling ring with him and trust him with your life.

    Chris Benoit's case sounds more like advanced case of schizophrenia. By his actions and the multiple stories I heard, It most def sounds like schizophrenia.... If someone reported that Chris Benoit's brain was so badly damaged he became badly schizophrenic and couldn't tell the difference then yes I believe that but dementia and roid rage are excuse that don't make sense to me.
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  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Thank you. This was the conclusion to the two previous blogs that I wanted. Granted, I am not a fan of using Wiki for sources, but the pages I traced lead back to valid informational sites. Regardless of personal opinions on this matter, this was the counter to the original "Dear Benoit", and the follow up "Dear Murderer" that I wanted to see the most. An in depth, factual based, source filled opinion on the matter. I am glad you were able to put all aspects of the man into this blog, and the MVP article was awesome. No matter what flames come to this comment section, at least you gave people the third aspect to the Beniot Legacy/Double-Murder case... The aspect of his mental capacity at that stage in his career.

    Flame on internet world.
  7. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    lol @ alcrissam, that's a funny but true post there...

    Nice blog, and I totally agree with you and Knox on this. I must've read like first 2-3 posts of Steiner when Ryan posted them here and after that I stopped paying attention, though I knew he must be talking facts, whatever they are, about Hogan and Bitchoff. I used to watch TNA regularly until these buffoons have joined in. I actually tuned in the night they joined TNA but then I saw Hogan coming down and holding a sign from a fan which read "Vince fears Hogan" and smiling at it. I get it, he's in a company now that is a competitor to 'E and had issues with Vince in the past, but here he had a chance to take the co. to a further level with his charisma that transcends wrestling industry with professionalism and instead he did the opposite. Since the day the cancer has entered TNA, I stopped to care about the co. anymore. Predictable or not, crappy or not, WWE atleast has one guy that runs the show and he's the boss who might have his head up his ass at times, but atleast doesn't let others to shove his head up theirs by giving them total creative control!
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