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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Great blog, dude. Very well-rounded and objective. I remember that Kevin Nash interview from right after the events. He should have known better than to go on a Fox News show after the incident in question. That show pretends to be balanced in its views but it should be well known that Fox News is a machine for disguised, right-wing BS reporting. I would have liked to see a better news clip in place of that, it was nothing but an ambush, although I give props to Nash for holding his own and keeping composure. They would never have done that if he was in the room live, Jack Knife PB's all around. lol
  2. Mr. Right's Avatar
    Nice blog man. DK Wrestling Savior I would have to agree with probably everything your comment suggests, how right you are. Make it a post my man haha.
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    Good blog. I think the majority of the frustrations you mentioned are coming from the IWC, rather than the entire wrestling community as a whole. It's easy for someone on this website to get tired of lack of creativity or predictable storylines when we are reading spoilers (both short and long term) on a daily basis. Hearing that "so & so is backstage at Raw" and what have you is going to obviously take a lot of surprise out of the show. Knowing that Kane is leaving to film a movie after Summerslam makes his match super predictable. The first step towards enjoying programming more would probably be to lay off spoilers and news. I've personally been veering away from those, and focusing more on blogs, and certain non-spoiler forum posts.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I think there are just so many problems. I see your point on the "Creative Machine", but society, and it's politicking to be overly sensitive, coupled with the fact that with Twitter and Facebook, everyone seems to be an activist anymore, has completely damaged entertainment. Here comes my conspiracy rant.

    There is no doubt in my mind that if WWE could go back and do a new Attitude Era, or at the very least, a new Ruthless Aggression Era, they would in a heart beat. You'd see major spots in hardcore style matches, blood, etc. The fact is, I think the "Creative Machine" is restricted by this new society. Now, I'm not saying society is soley to blame, but you have to remember. USA Network controls WWE and what they can and can't do. Too much controversy, too much blood, too much edge to the product, and too much crossing of the language barriers, can spark some bored, no-life housewife of a mother who has no social life except for the one that exists on her Facebook account, to start an online petition against WWE that someone was too mean and someone bled. (very similar to that one lady who petitioned against Macy's for selling the Donald Trump brand tie after he spoke bad about Obama) Then USA comes down on them because they might lose sponsors and ad revenue, etc.

    Then there's the kid issue. I think somewhere along the lines after the novelty of Stone Cold wore off and he couldn't wrestle anymore, and The Rock running off to Hollywood, the fanbase started to filter out. Those who loved the NWO and The Attitude Era, started to just lose interest. The teens became old enough to go out and drink on Thursday and Friday Nights and appreciate Monday Night Football over fake wrestling. They took an interest in the fairer sex and it was no longer a priority to keep Mondays and Thursdays reserved for WWF/E. So the new fans are the kids. And WWE came to a realization. With kids, comes parents who will spoil their kids and buy them the newest John Cena shirt and hat combo with wrist bands on WWEShop as soon as it comes out. With kids, comes parents who will stop their kids from whining and crying because they want the new Hornswaggle Pillow Pet and the Sheamus wrestling doll. With kids, comes parents who will use any form of electronic as a babysitter so they'll drop $70 on the newest Playstation 3 or X-Box 360 WWE game, and drop $50/mo on a PPV.

    It grinds my gears too, man. You wrote a great blog here. But not just creative is to blame. It's everything around that controls creative. The Monday Night Wars and the Attitude Era, was not for kids. And low and behold, WWF was pulling 3-3.5 rating each week, and getting smoked by WCW's 5-5.5 in the process. Look at how many millions of viewers that was for wrestling once upon a time. Creative had so much more control, and in turn, the interest was there. The wrestling industry was a $500 million per year industry in the mid-nineties. That was an insane amount for that time, and even today, with things costing so much more, it doesn't even touch those numbers.

    Okay, my rant is done. I probably should have just posted my own blog on this. Great job, man. I love reading these from you.
  5. rhyno535's Avatar
    I agree on the freedom. Thats something i think many of these wrestlers lack of, but 1 thing you should remember is that you cant have freedom without showing WWE that you are able to use that freedom in a good way.

    Both Triple H and Vince has said it many times "We give you the ball, you are going to run with it". I think that many of these wrestlers lack that "special" drive in them. My opinion is that without this desire to be the absolute top player in the WWE you shouldnt be there. Z

    Its all about to prove something. Sure the creative is far more than lazy, they are sleeping, but you have to go for it even if your chance is not right now.

    I would like to see the creative being divided into different roles. Main event writers, mid card writers, diva writers, tag team writers. Thats how i feel it should be done. Because right now the only main focus is on 2 storylines, WWE championship and the best storyline on the program this year Heyman vs CM Punk.
  6. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Iv said for a long long time that 2 many cooks spoil the broth .. I stopped watching wrestling from 2006 to 2012 and tbh I don't think I missed to much everything I have seen on youtube jst didn't feel the same except wrestlemania witch always amazes me ... But the raws and especially the smackdown felt like pantomine style shows .. Its a sad day when someone needs bulletpoints to do a promo I could do a 20 min promo on cheese and make it sound real .. And you're point about characters getting roles they find hard one name sheamus his jokes and promos as a face are horrendous .. Keep up the gd work on the blogs ma man
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    As someone who hasn't had the privilege of watching TNA in it's glory days, therefore, I cannot relate to many of the things you talk about in this blog.

    However, as a fan for the last 2 years, I will say it's very curious. Things seem unplanned and rushed, storylines aren't developing. I'm not sure who to blame is. It's easy to blame Hogan and Bischoff but honestly, none of us really know.

    As for reverting back to the old ways, I do like how AJ is "Pipebombing". but in defense of can't blame them for taking what made them successful in a minor way from the mid-2000's, and trying to grow that and keep with the trend of the wrestling business. I don't think the move to bring in Hogan and Bischoff was a bad thing. However, it was an experiment that has clearly failed, and they kept going for far too long.

    I hope it's the end of Hogan. I don't know what more he can do for the company, if he's done anything at all. But I can't fault TNA for making that move and at least giving it a try.
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