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    Just insult their intelligence. You know it is, just shake your head and say, another child who didn't get the attention they needed in school. then apologize to them.
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    All I did when some prick asked me that(family or not) I let them know. A "Fake" Wrestling World Champion, once dominated as UFC World Heavyweight Champion. So I ask them in return:

    "SO is UFC fake? or Are what you saying is invalid? Either way, them real fighters got raped by someone fake."

    Then I leave them with that.

    And what else you coud've said to the prick was, "Now, why would you ask me something so obvious? you wanted my attention? you think I'm cute? Sorry, I'm taken by a vixen. And I think I hear your boyfriend calling you."

    and if they want to finish what the started, run like hell. lol
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    interesting take, while i agree with some of what you've said i disagree with other points... my biggest contention is the Size is everything issue, i was the youngest brother of 3 boys (6 kids in all), both my brothers we're older, bigger and incredibly athletic (Olympic level). by the time i was 16 i could at 160lbs go toe to toe with a big 250lb guy and make him sit there and question his manhood why this skinny little shrimp kicked his butt, (grow up getting punched by a guy with 29" thighs you learn to take a punch). the David and goliath thing CAN work, and they do a pretty good job with mysterio MOST of the time. wrestling has evolved from a simulated sport competition to an action movie with a soap opera plot. the higher definition cameras let the viewing audience see things they weren't able to before because you're more "in the ring" with the wrestlers. Something that can help is to speed everything up just a bit. with MMA being around it's more and more apparent how slow the professional wrestling world performs, (watching Tough enough you kept hearing them say Slow it down), taking the pace up a small bit would give more of a sense of urgency, and use the story line better, slow THAT down. If you Really want to sell a feud give it some more time to build. the over the top characters CAN work but they need to STAY over the top. Tensai turning into the worlds most hyped jobber is an excellent example... put some time into your mid card ... let them win a few against their own, that way when they face a main eventer there is something to be concerned about... Just my opinion and not worth much in the scheme of things
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    Loved this blog. Can't agree more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK
    Frankly I'm offended that you said dinosaurs were NOT the coolest form of animals ever!
    Haha, that's the spirit. I wish dinosaurs were cool again, remember Jurassic Park?? That film was so awesome when it first came out. Oh.. how the times change.. I must be becoming a dinosaur too.
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    Frankly I'm offended that you said dinosaurs were NOT the coolest form of animals ever!
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    Hogan is an easy target really. I never said that others of his generation didn't also follow that uneasy pattern of falling off the radar and becoming forgotten, or just generally hated.

    There are some famous people from the 70s and 80s who kept their names intact, and they are still relevant today. I would go into all those names but I would need a whole new blog that doesn't even mention wrestling to prove the point.

    Some famous people have huge ego's, they want to carry on being relevant, they want to carry on taking the spots of the young, upcoming talent in any industry, not just wrestling, but there comes a time where that performer becomes so old, and that... sad ... that you begin to feel sorry for them. That is how I feel about Hogan, he can't really do anything but silly segments on TNA to keep his name out there, he can't wrestle, he can barely walk, all he can rely on is his acting skills, and they were never top notch either.

    As long as big names continue to cling on, it takes time and exposure away from younger, fresher names, and overall keeps the world going in the right direction. Hogan will be known as one of those guys who could just never let go, true he may love the business, but if Hogan wasn't receiving that fat paycheck, would he carry on loving the business?

    Hogan has always loved the lifestyle, the fame, the glory, and without those things, he is just a shell of his former self. Can you imagine CM Punk trying to wrestle at 60 years old, many years after his legendary feuds, many years after we thought he had retired?

    We would be sad for him too.
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