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  1. TNA: Pro's & Con's recently

    This year, I've seen some good PRO'S & bad Con's that TNA has made this year. I'll start with the Con's first.

    1. Picking up on the X-Division this late in the year. The X-Division always deserves spotlight, and not by the same few guys like Kenny King ( decent but not a top-3 guy in the division in my opinion), Manic (get rid of this bum), and off-and-on Aries. ...
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  2. TNA vs. WWE wrestlers

    Match Type: TNA's King Of The Mountain match type, but team vs. team elimination.

    TNA: Jeff Jarret, RVD, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe vs.WWE: The Miz, John Cena, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston.

    Match Type: regular
    TNA: AJ Styles vs. WWE:Rey Mysterio

    Match Type:WWE's Last Man Standing
    TNA: ...
  3. TNA: What is needed for storyline and talent

    I have watched wrestling since the mid-90's of WCW and WWF, and that was really when wrestling was at it's hype. Once my favorite wrestling companies WCW and ECW was ran into the ground (mostly because of themselves)and Vince got all of the spoils of war , then i started watching the only wrestling company around and last big one which is WWE.

    When i first saw ...

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