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    I am not a fan of this card at all...

    Where are the divas @ this WM? Sure there matches are forgettable but not having them @ WrestleMania is unlikely.

    Your pre-show has a few individuals that I could not imagine working a pre-show. Maybe adding another match or 2 would alleviate this.

    Rey Mysterio makes it to the tag team championship? While I was a fan of his in WCW/championship run WWE, I believe that he needs to hop on a elliptical(to protect those knees) because The Big Mysterio is terrible. His teaming of Mr. Botchmania is not optimal here....Honestly I'd rather see the Nasty Boys over them.

    The rest of the card here is watchable

    Painful Summary: No wet dreams here but would be a better WM than last

    Painful Rating: 6.9 out of 10
  2. AssassinBlade's Avatar
    Excellent Wrestlemania card. Why is Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, and RVD in the pre show battle royale. I know this card is in a year in advance but I do not think either superstars would fall from grace and be feature on the pre show. Here is one tip for your pre show match: NXT Title. Put the pre show on younger superstars that deserve at least an hour to make the headlines. A 20 man battle royale does not seem realistic because the last time WWE actually did that was in Wrestlemania 26! Secondly, like wsm1996 said most of these matches will happen in the upcoming months before Wrestlemania 30. Mark Henry vs Dolph Ziggler is a long shot of happening but I believe with the right build up it might indeed happen; but do you really think that is a newsworthy WHC Wrestlemania match. I do understand that the WHC has fallen from grace, but don't give it a bad match just look at Wrestlemania 28! The main event is excellent and hopefully that happens at Wrestlemania 30 coming on April! Furthermore I doubt that WWE wouldn't do Brock Lesner vs C.M Punk at Summerslam 2013 since the rivalry has been eluding for many weeks now. Randy Orton vs Danial Bryan for the WWE Championship might be an excellent match but it would be an laughable one if anyone brought it up during a creative meeting. This in my opinion is more of a dream card than it is of a Wrestlemania card. Even through, these matches are excellent minus the pre show battle royale this show is excellent.

    Blade's Take: 7/10: Excellent choice and hopefully you continue the success of Dream card's.
  3. wsm1996's Avatar
    I think some-most of these matches will occur in the comming months befor wm
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lucidreamer
    Do these three matches and you'll be good to go

    Undertaker vs John Cena
    HHH vs The Rock
    CM Punk vs Stone Cold
    Why would you want to see Rock vs HHH again? Rock is doubtful to even compete with his movie in 2014 complicates things. Unless he faces Orton or HBK, I would rather him stay away. He put over Cena which is what he came to do. Props to Rock. I would like to see HHH face Bryan or Dolph at some point. I hate the idea of having 2 dream matches on one card such as Taker vs Cena and Punk vs Austin. Only one can main event the show and each should. If I had to pick though, I'd put Taker vs Cena as the main event out of huge respect for the Deadman vs the top guy in the company. I'd like to see Punk main event a WM down the road, but the only way based on opponents he can do that is vs Austin. I want Taker's last WM match to be vs Cena. If it is his last match at WM30, I want it in the main event. Austin is my favorite wrestler of all-time and I'd love to see him face Punk, Cena, or Lesnar in a return match. However, don't believe it will happen. Plus, Cena is the man in the company which is the main reason for it being the main event.
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    Do these three matches and you'll be good to go

    Undertaker vs John Cena
    HHH vs The Rock
    CM Punk vs Stone Cold
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    Brock is signed a 2 year deal with WWE after this past Mania. Don't know how that would work with loser leaves WWE.

    HHH likely will compete even though I don't want him to. If he does come back, like to see him face Bryan or Dolph Ziggler.

    Why do you have Jericho/Bray competing in the preshow battle royal?

    I want Punk vs Lesnar at Mania as well. I wish they would have built to it like a year thing.

    I don't want Orton to be world champion again.

    rest of the matches are good especially Sheamus vs Ryback.
    Well I was under the assumption that Lesnar signed a 2 year deal after the 2012 'Mania, so that's why I added that stipulation. The stipulation does't really matter, I just want to see the match.

    Not really looking forward to 'Haitch competing in WM XXX, thats why he didn't make my dream card.

    I wanted the pre-show battle royal to have some sort of payoff, so thats why Jericho & Wyatt are there with the other 18 guys instead of just throwing them into a match. Those guys that didn't make the main show can still perform in front of millions. If they have strong outing it could lead to bigger things down the road. Plus, battle royals are awesome ways to set up future rivalries.

    Not a big fan of Orton, but I enjoy his work as a massive heel & wouldn't mind seeing him be the antagonist in Daniel Bryan's quest for respect.

    Why, thank you sir. Your insight was much appreciated!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Roads
    So your dream scenario is to continue to bury Fandango, Miz, Barrett and Big E? I certainly think either Rock, HHH, Austin or all 3 will be competing at the biggest mania ever.
    Miz is a former WWE Champion, Barrett is a mulitple-time champion & Fandango has been on the main roster for maybe 6 months now....why do wrestling fans feel like someone is getting "buried" if they don't get pushed to the moon?? How long did it take guys like Edge, Benoit, Guerrero, Jericho, HHH, Austin, etc. to get to the main event championship level?? Years & years. These newer guys are young & have plenty of time....there is no need to rush.

    I am also fully aware that I left off Austin, Rock & HHH. That's why I prefaced my blog by saying it was what I wanted personally to see, not what I thought the WWE would or should do.
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