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  1. madnonsense's Avatar
    Long lengthy video packages and promos really killed WM. They wasted so much time, they were forced to cut out the match between The Rhodes Scholars with the Bella Twins vs. Tons of Funk w/ the funkadacyls.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Did you even read what I wrote? All I said about Ziggler not coming out was Hm. Okay. He had the MITB briefcase and I thought he had until Wrestlemania to cash in so I thought he had to show up. That match was built up to end quick enough so that Dolph would have the time to cash in. I think Ziggler's fine but I don't think as highly of him as many in the IWC.

    And did I wax poetic about Punk? I'm fairly certain I said his match was only good not great and I liked the Triple H vs. Lesnar match! Thanks for the dumb comment though.
  3. Anakincane's Avatar
    Reading this stuff only confirms the IWC bias toward the mancrushes. If Punk or Ziggler came into the ring, took a dump, wiped their ass on the American flag, and left; the IWC would talk about how its the greatest moment ever in wrestling; however Cena or HHH could have four or five star match and the IWC would still find faults with the match. I wish you people would get over your bias for overrated losers like ziggler.
  4. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Too high of marks for the show that was put on. While there were some good matches and spots, I didn't watch one match or segment that was worth 4/5 or 5/5, but that may be because I demand more for a better ranking. Without seeing your criteria used for the scores, it's hard to judge what you based said scores on. Otherwise it was a decent blog. Keep it up.
  5. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Ey would be huge shocker
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    My apologies for stealing some thunder from you with my Sudden Impact blog...

    Excellent blog. I, too, am wondering what the deal is with Bobby Roode. And yes, they should have had a real segment with the Robbies since there is a match.

    I also can't wait to see the deal with AJ Styles next week.
  7. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I feel like someone has to turn based on what they said on Impact but I'm not sure which one of them it's going to be. Sting, Eric Young, Magnus, James Storm, and Samoa Joe have all been attacked and attacked Aces and Eights so it will be interesting to see how they justify it if a turn does come.
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