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  1. Wrestlemania XXIX Review Best Part Worst Part

    Hey! What do you know I watched a full WWE PPV live for the first time in probably 10 years and it happened to be Wrestlemania! I've been keeping up with the stories, watching stuff on the youtubes, and was interested what they were going to deliver especially with a surprisingly short build for the biggest PPV of the year. Going to give some general thoughts and then a best part and worst ...

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  2. TNA Impact Review 3/7/13

    Got bored of not seeing an Impact review on here recently so I'm deciding to write one of my own! If only I had gotten to the name Sudden Impact first...

    How was the go home show to Lockdown and the Impact Zone's swan song? Let's get to it.

    The Crowd 5/5
    The crowd was rocking tonight and it got me pumped to watch.

    Austin Aries promo and Aries vs. Hardy ...
  3. Grading TNA's Booking of Every Roster Member Part 2

    Madison Rayne-Madison is talented but right now is at the bottom of the Knockouts division. Story with Earl Hebner went nowhere except to introduce Taryn Terrell and she hasn't been involved in much since. Tag team with Gail Kim might be picking up. Again, TNA's lack of commitment to the women (remember, you're not WWE, the women draw) being a cause. She should be seen more.
    Score: 2/10 ...
  4. Grading TNA's Booking of Every Roster Member Part 1

    In a previous post a while back I gave my thoughts on TNA's storylines at the time along with a grade but now I want to expand on that a bit. This time I am going to grade the company's use of every single active member of their roster and give a short blurb on the positive and negatives in the way they have been used in recent months along with some likely suggestions for improvement.

  5. Grading TNA's Current Storylines

    TNA currently has a lot of stories going on for a two hour weekly show so I thought I'd go through them and give each of them a letter grade as to how well I think they are going.

    Bobby Roode losing the TNA World Championship to Austin Aries

    Story: After breaking the record as the longest world champion in TNA history Roode lost the title to Austin Aries at Destination X ...
  6. WWE Can Return Prestige and Meaning to Each of its Titles

    I am here to present you with a very very original idea. WWE's title belts mean almost nothing anymore! I'll give you time to let that completely and totally unique idea sink in.

    Kidding, of course. Many people have realized the same thing and have talked about it in passing in blogs and comments so it got me thinking of ideas how WWE can restore the luster to each and every one of those ...

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  7. 5 Ways TNA Could Ruin Impact Going Live

    Next Thursday TNA Impact takes its weekly show live at 8 PM. While this is definitely a good thing and many positives can come from this show I wanted to make a list of decisions they could make to screw it up.

    5. Sting winning the TNA World Title-Sting is returning in the first match of the night against champion Bobby Roode. Roode just became the longest reigning champion ever in TNA ...

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  8. The Art of Booking a Squash Match

    (This blog is part inspired from WrestlingzPoster's blog about why Ryback, Brodus Clay, and Lord Tensai are boring.)

    Squash matches are a tricky business. The usual idea behind them is that you are trying to make the winning wrestler look dominant, powerful, unstoppable, etc. Sometimes, it's used as a sort of punishment or weakness match meaning that the winner isn't necessarily being ...
  9. Why the PG Era is Underperforming vs. The Attitude Era, Pt 2

    In part one, I talked mainly about how I think The Rock vs. Cena match is not creating the type of buzz it should be because of them not acting like the characters that made them great. Now I want to talk about the WWE in a broader sense in another hotly debated topic on the merits of the PG Era vs. The Attitude Era.

    Neither of these eras has an exact start date but we know what they ...
  10. Why The The Rock vs. Cena Match Is Underperforming, Pt.1

    Lately a lot of blogs have been put up trying to explain why The Rock vs. John Cena match at Wrestlemania lacks that spark that it should have. Some have argued that it's because it has not included anything real to give it depth like the CM Punk alcoholic father storyline or that the two have not had any physical confrontations or even that The Rock isn't trying. While I think those things might ...

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