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    Quote Originally Posted by malvec
    personally i would have picked Melina vs. Alicia Fox...
    dont say that to SCSA
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    personally i would have picked Melina vs. Alicia Fox...
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    The best way to write the characters is to look at the personality of each individual and pick out 2-3 attributes they have as a face and as a heel and apply them to create a character that can be a shade of grey.
    Veryy True!!
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    Gr8 Read mate!! Gr8Blog!!
    You know why these storylines worked well?? Because, they were woven around ppl who have several dimensions (Ric, Y2J, Undertaker, JBL and HBK)...Ric's storyline was real awesome...with the first match he lose he gets retired...n what best way to end his career with HBK??

    That was an awesome match..n that match shows why HBK is considered one of teh all time best (if not The Best)...even though he never was a 10time world champ..(he's jus a 4 time world champ if I'm not wrong)....

    Batista Vs HBK was very gud..and what made it more lively is the addition of Y2J..Batista in not so gr8 in promo part when compared to HBK (though he can cut better promos than many in teh current roster) they need someone who is equally gr8 n there enters Y2J..n Y2J vs HBK is always a gr8 rivalry to watch..

    HBK Vs UT is always a treat to watch...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LMPunker
    what did the girl think of the match?
    Well she pretended to like it, but What I got was she had a little more respect for it and kinda looked at wrestling differently, which is what i was going for.

    Side Note, 4 years later I got engaged to her first cousin and it was her next door neighbor, since they both lived 3 thousand miles from me I didnt even know they knew each other till after i was engaged to her first cousin... Small world. But I dont speak to either of them so I dont know their stance on pro wrestling haha.
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    Gud Read!!

    I Myself is a gr8 fan of Radicalz...Benoit, Eddie, Malenko and Saturn..I luvd teh match..because i got to see Benoit winning the Big title...

    Infact, I have shown this match to my sister with whom I always had to fight to see Wrestling on TV.....n she started liking Benoit!!
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    what did the girl think of the match?

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